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Our collars can BARELY withstand the cuteness factor of @yukiyoohoo

@the_shoe_hunter looks GORGEOUS in our Crazy Daisy pattern! Save 10% by using code insta10

"Freyja loves the orange custom bow collar you made her! And I love it too"-@n.a_n.c_y
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@biyaowang is looking GORGEOUS in our navy-geo diamonds bow tie collar 😍You can save 10% on your own custom collar by using code insta10

If your dog could reach for ONE thing, what would they reach for?

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Show us your dogs BEST tongue out photo! 😜
_________ 📷 @hayes_silverlab

KAWABUGA!!! For all of your jumping, rolling, treats, and summer adventures choose If It Barks for durability and customization.
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What is cuter than a gorgeous dog in a bowtie? #NotMuchElse
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SMILE! You get to hang out with your dog ALL day today! ☺️ You can create a new collar together today and save 10% with code insta10

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Squirrel patrol in action!
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Frolicking through fields of green, mud, living rooms, whatever.

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When choosing a collar, go for high quality durable materials with custom sizing. #SoundsALotLikeOurCollars

From stitch to size, it's all in the details.
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