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Crystal Michelle Schraden  I was a museum full of art, but you had your eyes shut.

Up up and away #throwaway

Rock that all white when I’m feeling godly.

Dapper Dan

haven’t been feeling like myself lately. what’s new


My big pit baby. ❤️ #myblueeyedboy #rigbonious

I feel so grateful to see my grandparents after such a while and through such hard times for them, I’m so glad I got to be here in Pennsylvania when they left the hospital and that I got to spend time with them in their home. My heart is full with love for them.

Me and my dorky curl and my dorky sister. ❤️

#barkboxday Bean and her new friend “Iron Bones” the Redbird. Thank you @barkbox for our new bandana! 🐶

Okay so I start summer classes in May, exciting, I have an interview tomorrow for a second job, exciting, both of my best friends birthdays are in the days approaching, EXCITING, I AM OVERALL EXCITED FOR the things to come 😁

You remind me of Laredo with your little eyebrows and spots and I think that’s sooo cute. ❤️

Wishing we could do it all over again 🤟🏼

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