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I Fight Dragons  We're a band made up of robots disguised as humans. Or is it humans disguised as robots? I always forget...

Brooklyn? Brooklyn!? BROOKLYN!!? Where are you? Ok, I’m having trouble seeing you. Just go to @sunnyvalebrooklyn around 7pm. We’ll be waiting. Maybe some of this hot show we brought will melt the snow... and faces.

This is your get-psyched moment, Teaneck! Doors open at 7. @debonairmusicnj #fuTOURama

Is this a tautology? #askingforafriend #fuTOURama #nerdrock

Definitely didn’t think this was funny when I played this game as a kid, but was just playing in the van and laughed out loud. Elf prince needs some herb, stat!! Tonight NJ, tomorrow Brooklyn - see you soon!

*Insert shameless Patreon.com plug here* (but seriously, this and much more if you join the adventure.)

When we say “fan,” you say “love”... FAN. LOVE.

“No Strings” ya’ll.

Welcome to the breakdown (a samplin’)


Who’s that... who’s that rappin with MC Lars? It’s MC... MC Emmy. This 9 year old is the coolest girl we will ever know. #fuTOURama

Get-psyched preview commin’ at ya’ll. Get Psyched Boston. It’s about to go down at Thunder Road. Doors open at 7pm.

Oh! Hey Boston. Didn’t see you there. How ya been?While we’re here, do you mind if we get together so we can melt your faces with our rock? Same place as last time? Thunder Road? Say around 7pm? Love you! See you tonight.

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