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Veeramrit Randhawa  If I had 50 cents for every failed math test... I’d have $6.30

Only on reddit, can I have eyebrows this nice. Drawn by @f3draws on #redditgetsdrawn

It all starts with a Hi.

My parents taught me that you never know what someone could mean to you in your life, but you can find out by starting with saying Hi.

A little over 5 years ago, that Hi led to a day I never imagined. A day that led to my Rokah (Google it if you're confused 👌) Just like the entire ocean has to work to create one wave on the beach, the world since day one had to work to allow December 1st, 2018 to occur for @gkarora and I.

Thank you, to everything that needed to happen to allow me to be engaged to my best friend ❤️

@jena_atwal so like... you got married.... that's cool. #ThesePicturesDoe #PrettyGoodDepictionOfOurRelationship #THIS ******WEARINGALLPURPLE #PaulingForYou

Please share, you never know who may need the assistance

Happy birthday to this guy @dtrix who always looks at me with Love ❤️

.... I feel like someone should tell this to the President.

So like.... is it Winter yet? #SantaTurban

You can't tell... but I put a filter on this. #FilterIsLife

So.... how's your Monday going?#iphone #animoji #memoji

Some days life be like that at times... #EnglishGrammarTooGood #ItBeLikeThat

Level 58387 Turban Evolution. Moment caught by the one and only @yourphotographer

In case you ever wondered how cool we are.. this displays it #CoolinOnDemHoes #iDontReallyKnowWhatMyFirstHashtagMeans #ButItJustFeltRight #NawMean

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