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I've been eating so much matcha stuff during this trip and I love it. This matcha shake outside Yokohama Stadium was really nice. #ieatblogjapan17

It was so fortuitous that we were staying near Yokohama Stadium and there happened to be some matches on. So we bought a ticket and went to see the Yokohama Baystars play the Nagoya Dragons. It was really enjoyable and I can't believe the constant singing and chanting. It was so polite. We also got to bring in all our own foods and even beer. A great experience. #ieatblogjapan17

Whilst in Chinatown, I found this bruleed egg tart. Yummy. Why have I never tried doing this with an egg tart. I've done it with a custard tart so why not an egg tart. Mind blown. #ieatblogjapan17

It seems silly to come to Japan and then eat Chinese food. But Yokohama has a very vibrant Chinatown so we had some yum cha at Manchinro. It was really nice but I think Melbourne yum cha is better. #ieatblogjapan17

When I first planned visiting Yokohama, there was one place I was certain I wanted to visit. That was the Cup Noodle Museum. It's where you learn about how instant ramen noodles were invented and see lots of other interesting things around it, including designing your own. The museum was such a blast and I now have my souvenir Durian, Spam, Stroopwafel instant ramen 😁 @eatplayshop @grandrichmond @msihua @eatallthethingsmelbourne #ieatblogjapan17

We stumbled across this really beautiful cafe around Lake Yamanakako and they served the most divine looking cakes and desserts. The tiramisu and apple pie were both excellent. But once again the coffee was rather bad. Melbourne coffee is just too good that must other places coffee pale in comparison. #ieatblogjapan17

Walked past a lady who had not one, but THREE tiny hedgehog in a pram covered in quilts and toys. She took them out to show the crowd and I swear to you, six women all screamed "kawaiiiiii" at the same time. I may have been the seventh person to scream "kawaiiiiii" haha. Don't you think these hedgehogs are too cute for English words? #ieatblogjapan17

During the two days in Yamanakako, most of our meals were eaten at the onsen, Benifuji No Yu. If you're ever in Yamanakako, you must go to that onsen. There's indoor and outdoor baths with the most perfectly framed view of Mount Fuji. It's a better view than anything you will see from Lake Yamanakako or elsewhere as these trees of all colours frame the mountain. One meal we did eat out was at Hananomiyako Park, where I ate this traditional hoto. It's a type of hot pot type dish with these bouncy noodles. It's vegetarian and really tasty. #ieatblogjapan17

When given the choice to add warabi mochi to my soft serve or not, it was an easy decision. #ieatblogjapan17

Another view of Mt Fuji. Once again I couldn't seem to get a really clear shot of it. It was far nicer during sunset but we're on the wrong side of the lake to capture the entirety of it without lots of obstructions. The shots in the day time tend to be way too bright and the mountain covered in clouds or fog. But in real life you can see it clearly and it's so magical. #ieatblogjapan17

There's not too much to do here in Yamanakako but the view does make up for it. So I've just been shooting heaps of photos of Mt Fuji. It is even stunning in real life as the camera can't capture it's true beauty. Oh, and as I as sitting here looking at the mountain an eagle flew by and then a swan white swan into view. Wow wow wow. #ieatblogjapan17

The first thing I ate when we got to Yamanakako was a soft serve. The signature flavours here seem to be grape and peach. I had a half grape half vanilla one. The vanilla wasn't as good as some of the others on this trip but the grape was nice. @ms_jwong @kewpielovesyou #ieatblogjapan17

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