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Thanh - Melbourne Food Cooking  Eating around Melbourne, especially cheap Asian food. I cook simple recipes and sometimes bake. #weirdchiptasting #charkwayteowinmelbourne

I know I'm busy as I haven't posted in two days 😱 Here's a croque monseuir I had with a twist at a Moorabbin cafe whose name I do not know. The twist was the addition of leeks inside the toastie and a maple syrup sauce. It was tasty and I'd eat again.

I had a really delicious meal at @phat_pizza_burger tonight. All four burgers we tried were excellent, especially the Phat n Spicy one with jalapeno. Also you can never go wrong with pizzas and cheesy fries. So full and satisfied right now. I'd definitely checking out the place. #invite

How beautiful is the colour on these star apples. They taste so good as well, like a cross in flavour between a mangosteen, custard apple and persimmon. Absolutely divine. #starapple

You gotta be diligent when you type banh mi as the phone always tries to autocorrect to bang mi and that has very different connotations right @ruthbruten πŸ˜‰ #damnyouautocorrect

I always enjoy eating and drinking at @grandhyattmelbourne, and currently with @ladro_restaurant in residence, it's another reason to visit. The Ladro menu was full of great Italian dishes and pizza. I loved all the classic Italian dishes like the sardines and meatballs. The mains of lamb shoulder and chargrilled chicken was so moreish. And to finish with these amazing bombolini and cannolis, I was so happy. The service at the Grand Hyatt restaurant was great as usual and the setting is sorry relaxing. I highly recommend visit @grandhyattmelbourne for the @ladro_restaurant residence for the next couple of months. #invite #ladrochecksin

Super delicious simple lunch of onsen eggs. The yolks are so silky but the whites are also creamy and equally good. I always add some Knorr liquid seasoning and just eat with bread. One of my favourite comforting meals. #onseneggs

I had a great time tonight at the newly relocated @grandlafayette with @brian.foong @daisy_nevertoosweet @billehhhhhhhh I think we got to try the whole menu πŸ˜‚ We started with brunch items of waffles and baos and worked through to dinner items like tataki, sushi and pork belly. The new space is very large and beautiful and I'm sure there is something for everyone on the menu. Now I need to loosen my belt. #invite

Thanks to a hot tip by @vauniemarie, I stopped by @habituelhealesville on the way back from a work meeting and tried some really excellent pastries. The brioche had a beautiful light texture and a plum (or prune) jam. The Portuguese tart wasn't exactly a Portuguese tart but nonetheless a really delicious custard tart. The highlight was the canele. Amazing crunchy crust and soft interior with great flavour and a hint of rum. I could've eaten 3 more caneles easily. πŸ˜‚ #thisiswhyimfat

After finding out about @bunngon.springy from @littleporkguy, it's been my go to takeaway place for bun bo hue. The balance of their soup is so good. They also give lots of meat and all the condiments. Now, the good news is that Bun Ngon is expanding to another location on the corner of Windsor and Buckingham. That's so exciting as I hope they open till night time as they're so popular they usually run out of the bun bo hue by 2pm and I have to rush there in the middle of the day to buy it πŸ˜‚ #bunbohue

I got to attend the preview dinner for the @prahranmarket #saycheese2018 festival (Sunday October 28) and it was a very delicious affair. After trying all the dishes, we voted this Fromage Frais with honey, rose and rye as our favourite dish from @wilsonandmarket, meaning head chef Ryan will have a very tough task of demonstrating this delicate, melting dish haha. The cheese festival will have many demonstration, lots of things to eat (all with cheese of course), fun things for the kids and a toastie invitational where many chefs will challenge each other to know who's toastie will reign supreme. I'll see you at the festival where we will eat all the cheeses. #invite

I'm taking advantage of this beautiful Melbourne weather and enjoying nibbles for dinner along with this month's Unwine'd Ambassador wine of a @risingwines Chardonnay served in the stunning @plummwineglasses The Chardonnay is fermented in French oak and has aromas of stonefruit and Spring flowers. The crisp taste is perfect with my prosciutto wrapped melon and strawberries. So much happiness with the longer days and drinking nice wines in the sunshine. What's your favourite wine type? #gifted #risingwines #pouritinplumm

#weirdchiptasting This time, I'm trying Special Burger Sauce chips. I'm guessing they're supposed to be like Big Mac flavoured chips but obviously you can't use that proprietary name. It turns out the chips taste more like a Big Mac x Filet-o-fish. It's really good, with a crisp potato flavoured chip (you'd be surprised how many of the weird chips have awful texture and don't have that underlying potato flavour) with a tangy sauce with hints of a burger surprisingly. I've been happily enjoying the whole packet and would definitely eat it and recommend it. #gifted

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