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Thanh - Melbourne Food Cooking  "We should look for someone to eat & drink with before looking for something to eat & drink" - Epicurus . Melbourne ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

I've been wanting to go to @hem27_flemington for ages after hearing about how good the food is from @tsanga.eats @little_miss_adventurer @offthespork. Yesterday I was nearby and went to eat with @feedmeichi @ronman8. The food did not disappoint. All three dishes were quite different to the same things I've eaten in Springvale but equally enjoyable. The chicken ribs were delicious and perfectly fried. The special broken rice had good elements, with only the shredded pork not that good. Lastly the piece de resistance, the banh canh with soft shell crab was delicious. At first we all ate it as is and the tumeric flavour was a bit too prominent. But some crazy voodoo magic happened as when we squeezed the lemon and added the chilli sauce, the flavours were suddenly so well balanced and amazing. It's quite a different banh canh to other ones I've tried but definitely very delicious and I want to eat it again. There were also 20 other items I want to try there as the menu looked great with the smells from the kitchen were so enticing. Also everything is cheap cheap which is excellent too. #vietnamesefood

I absolutely love this new black @danielwellington watch. It definitely feels like a classic timepiece, along with other classic items such as a good wallet and good pen. What does #myclassic mean to you? What things do you think will stand the test of time, boom boom *pun intended*. #gifted #danielwellington
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Enjoyed a fun meal at @yokochomelbourne with @little_miss_adventurer @tsanga.eats So full now after we decided it was a good idea to have a dessert each after all the food. The matcha cheese cake is excellent though and this time I remembered to take a photo of it. #inviteplusone
First photo: @yokochomelbourne

Thanks @cherriemoore for alerting me to the existence of this lip gloss. I now need to obtain it haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ #spamlyfe
Photo: Peter Kay Fans on Facebook

I so want to try BBQ durian over coals. I can imagine the soft oozy flesh. I've had fried durian before and the soft, warm, oozy flesh was so good so this should work too. Has anyone tried this before? #durian
Photo: @thaihoa_grocer

Enjoying some lunch now while watching Nailed It on Netflix. That show is brilliant. It's the right amount of sarcasm and people acknowledging what they're creating is rubbish but also has enough earnest genuine care that makes for a really entertaining show. Work from home has its perks. #worklunch

When you have awesome friends like @my_bloody_clementine who give you the most beautiful tea towels as a house warming gift. I love all the vibrant colours and patterns, especially the Venice one (second photo) which helps to hide my ugly microwave when it's not in use. #winning

And with my microwave set up now, frozen meals are back on the cards. As I've said many times before, cooked pasta freezes really well and tastes great reheated. I love a good ragu on my pasta. I still gotta move my cookware before being able to cook up a good ragu. Any ragu donations are greatly appreciated @jamessaretta @italyonmymind @secondhelping ๐Ÿ˜‚ #ragudonationsaccepted

The food at @flavoursofmekong covers all the countries touched by the Mekong River. You might normally associate the Mekong River with primarily with Vietnam and Thailand but it also goea through China, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Hence the seemingly ecletic mix of food items at the restaurant actually have a common thread. This curry noodle dish may bleed a little into Malaysia and Singapore but is also found in Southern Thailand I'm told. Regardless of where it's strictly associated with the Mekong River, it was delicious and I'd eat again. The owner Francis is also a laugh so have a chat to him if you see him. You'll know which one he is when you go, trust me. #invite

I was lucky enough to join @tsanga.eats for the @misterbiancokew sausage making class. We learned so much about how to make delicious sausages (use good mince with enough fat, it's all about the fat) and then got to eat the sausages with many other dishes. The cotechino (fresh pork sausage) entree was delicious, as was the beetroot with wild fig and whipped ricotta. Then it was onto mains with a very delicate slow cooked barramundi and then the piece de resistance, the pork sausage with polenta. The sausage is seriously awesome and I wish all sausages I ate were that good. Then we ended the meal with some really yummy Sicilian cherry jam donuts (so simple yet so much better than all the crazy donuts around) with chocolate mousse and gelato. What a great class and meal. I'd highly recommend attending while there are some sessions left. #inviteplusone
Photo: @misterbiancokew

Me: I'm going to try and eat healthy this week.
Also Me: "I'll have the spicy stewed lamb ribs noodle at Dainty Express". Delicious #dietfail

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