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David D-Stroy John  NFL 🏈 MLS ⚽️ NBA 🏀Arena Host, Sirius/XM Host 📡 Actor/Writer/Comedian "EastWillyB", "ThemThereEyes" 🎥 BUY LIMITED EDITION Arsonists 7" Vinyl👇🏽👇🏽

I've hosted some Amazing events. Most fulfilling is that none of them had to do with me selling out the culture that got me where i am at! Work hard, keep your integrity intact and enjoy the ride.

Say Happy Birthday to Buckshot for me. •
I met him in the Beeper era, at Nervous Records. He got his start as a dancer and I remember him at Rock Steady Anniversary doing Flares, not an easy BBoy move. •
Since then, he's become an asset to Hip Hop culture, not only as an MC with Black Moon but by starting his own label: Duckdown Records, which has stood through a challenging climate in the music industry. Having created the platform for Smif N Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Statik Selektah, SEAN P and more, to call their home.

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From connecting as employees at #fatbeatsrecords in the late 90's to now, these two Underground Vets, keep putting in work. New music by Q-Unique featuring #illbill off #qunique "The Mechanic" album.

STILL 1982 Following in the footsteps of great DJ/Producer and MC duos like Eric B. & Rakim and GangStarr, 1982 composed of record producer Statik Selektah and rapper Termanology, drop a new joint album on Black Friday.

"If you have a chance to help others and fail to do so, you're wasting your time on this earth" - Roberto Clemente

Music was prominent in my life, since birth. My father played every instrument and my mom sung every song. Fania records was a record label lextremely significant to Salsa music lovers: Ruben Blades, Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and more. •
When my father seen me on stage with a big Fania logo behind me, he was blown away. He kept saying, "Incredible, Fania and My Son?!" It was bliss. I may not be set financially but my heart is rich with experience, knowledge and love. •
I not only do this for the future but for those who paved the way before us. LETS GROW!

Currently in a BBoy Mood for @botyofficial . Congrats to all that came from nothing and are doing better for themselves. Even though our environment wasn't designed for us to succeed, I want the next generation to follow the footsteps of growth. I Love You from Montpellier, France.

I reached for something I wanted and others wanted for me. "D-Stroy you should do Stand-Up", "D, you seen a lot in this business", "when you gonna rap again?". So I came to the same place where touring took off for me, as an M.C., 20 years ago: Denmark.

Empowered by @johnleguizamo telling His stories on Broadway, I felt my wild hip hop history with comedy was achievable. •
They said "surprisingly a lot of young women showed up". Please understand, For a "Hip Hop" event, with only me on stage, we were impressed at the turn out and possibilities for this sort of entertainment. •
I did 1:30 minutes, off the head with a bit of a skeletal plan. I told my story, of a gay woman in a mans body 😂Honestly, I Made people laugh, intertwined my songs and images to move the story along. Signed autographs, met great people and was out. You Would've Been So Proud Of Me. •
I wish I took pictures with the crowd but my mind was going 100 miles an hour with 2 hours of sleep in 2 days and lost luggage. I will listen back, tighten it all up, and hopefully they'll be opportunities to bring it to more stages. Thank You For Allowing Me To Make My Dreams Come True @djtyphooncph @cmp_one #næstved

OH MY GOOOOOOSSHHHHHHH. I'm so happy to announce @eastwillyb got that ABC co-sign, it deserves. EVERYONE ASKED and here's the latest. •

ABC has put in development East WillyB, a half-hour comedy based on the indie web series created by Julia Ahumada Grob and Yamin Segal. •

Described as an American story told through the voices and experiences of Latinos, the critically praised East WillyB web series, which takes on issues facing the Latino population.

Who Wants To See Some Hip Hop Comedy? Excited to kind of doing my first Hip Hop Stand Up, LIVE IN COPENHAGEN, DENMARK. Nov. 14th• From a crackhead awkwardly introducing me to The Notorious B.I.G., getting drunk in Jamie Foxx house, and mixed up in gossip with Nicki Minaj, that gets Nas mad at me. I've lived through it all, acting drunk but living sober. •
Come laugh with a quintessential B-Boy, on a ride to New York City before bicycle lanes and stores that sold Organic food. When ODB tested a teenage D-Stroy to becoming the go to Host for the NBA, who gets put in a choke hold by an NFL superstar at the Superbowl. Sit back and witness why Drugs say "NO" to D-Stroy.


He's bending down and i'm standing on a baby's shoulders. The good news is that you're fckn awesome. and if you don't think you are, you can unfollow me. •
Why, because I like many, can always find bad news or negativity on social media. So be an asset to our happiness and we'll do the same for you. Look into the mirror and tell yourself, I'M DOPE AS FCK! Thank you. •

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