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Jean Dick  east coastin' 🌊 | cali girl πŸ’• | norcal bred πŸ‘§ @belleisawesome πŸ’ @coledick 🐱 rebel & πŸ‘Ά on the way Oct 2017 πŸ‡°πŸ‡­ | csun πŸŽ“ | interior design assistant

Babies look so creepy in the womb. Lol. Got an ultrasound yesterday and sent the gender reveal to my little sis @chanraney. We can't wait to find out the sex of the baby this weekend. #teamgirl 🀞🏽🀞🏽🀞🏽

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. We spent our day hanging out in Downs Park. Def need to come back with @coledick & our bikes. It's so nice out here.

Celebrated Mother's Day a day early today because @coledick is heading to NorCal tomorrow. Brunch & gifts, that's all a mom really needs right? @belleisawesome got me a Coach bag for Hawaii & the "baby" got me a stripe diaper bag. Lol. Thanks guys! I love you! πŸ’• P.S. if you are feeling generous today, Cole is going to NorCal for the Chefs Cycle: No Kid Hungry bike ride to help end childhood hunger. Go to his page & click on the link in his bio to donate. Any amount is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

#tbt to the 23 year old me, younger, wilder & free. Lol. Now I'm just an old fat walrus. 😭 When can pregnant woman dye their hair again? I need to go back to my natural hair color. #backinthedayswheniwasyoung #okaynotthatyoungbutwhatevs #wahhimsooldnow #7yearsago #fbreminders

Made @coledick take me hiking today. The scenery was beautiful but hiking out here totally sucks compared to LA. There's barely any hills, it's more like a light walk. I need some incline, I want to climb on rocks! And yes, I know I'm pretty big for 4 months. Lol. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ It's only gonna get bigger. 🀰🏽

Just received my new fav art piece, Dewdrop! I can't wait to frame it. Thanks @charmaineolivia, you are such an amazing artist! I love it! 😍 #dewdrop #droptop #newfavartcollection

Happy birthday @pen_city! Your birthday was always the easiest one to remember. Lol. And we have a lot of siblings so that's a lot to remember. #oldestsister #latepost #cambodiannewyear #chrimsisters #happybirthday

Happy Easter! We are eggcited to announce that we are eggpecting! Lol. Finally! Baby Dickinson coming Oct 2017. @coledick & @belleisawesome is hoping for a boy, I'm team girl!

Love this photo even though most of us aren't staring at the camera. πŸ’• Celebrated Easter a day early at @samichrim's house. #happyeaster #thechrimfamily #chrimsters

Happy Cambodian, Thai & Laos New Year! Wishing everyone good health, wealth & prosperity! <--- that's what people usually say right? Lol.

Sisters, sisters πŸ‘―πŸ‘― #chrimsisters

We didn't see the "no climbing on the trees" sign until after this photo was taken. Our bad. #cherryblossomfestival #latepost #yesterday #washingtondc

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