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SARA - 16  hi I'm Sara I'm a dorky donut who likes to doodle sometimes (profile pic by the amazing @red_moon_1408)

Have a motivational doodle of the day

hi yes underrated ships of SVTFOE part one

@doodles_1996 requested this a LONG while ago (and I feel guilty for how long it took) but I figured I should share it with you guys as well! Thanks for your request, dude, and I hope it was worth waiting for.

FIFTEEN THOUSAND?!?! This is a milestone my friends, and THANK YOU so much, I seriously appreciate this!! Anything y'all want out of me other than art? Do you want like...drawing videos? A YouTube? An art giveaway or something? I'm...I'm so in shock. When I made this account a little over two years ago I never expected...holy guacamole...just wow. Thank you. I have no idea how to express gratitude.

have a 15-minute star doodle

it's 2 am

I love redraws :) yes I changed a few things but hey I'm so much happier with the new one (swipe for the old picture! You can probably find it on my account)

I'm exasperated I genuinely CANNOT ART.

I have nothing new for y'all so here have a doodle I did a few days ago with highlighters

happy birthday to my little sister! Thanks for putting up with my dorkiness and even though we fight quite a bit you're still a pretty cool jerk 👍🏻

my stepmom is a dentist, and we're working on creating a dentist superhero for publicity purposes!
We have a couple in the running so far, but if y'all could help us with some clever tooth/dental instrument puns it would be greatly appreciated!

"if you met yourself ten years ago what would they think of you?" hA SIX YEAR OLD SARA WAS EVIL

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