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SARA - 17  Sometimes I draw stuff I guess (profile pic by the amazing @spacemewnicorn) #viewmyartsara

my sister wanted to show the world her artwork for English class

welcome to my current art workspace at school

I guess for some reason I’m on a SVTFOE kick right now because of the new episodes? Okay that’s fine I guess you guys get a doodle because I do nothing “productive” with my life when I don’t have homework

hi the new episodes were pretty good

I realized I never showed you all my senior pictures and idk maybe you don’t want to see my face but I don’t currently have a drawing for you so here have some photos of “art mom”
(the last picture is a joke of some sort because I look exhausted and there are bags under my eyes carrying their OWN bags)

I watched the trailer for the sequel to this movie and I was messing around with graphite and??? Hey yo Disney please hire me I can’t draw hands but it’s fiiiine

I had like 5 minutes before I had to go for school so have a doodle

hi sorry I haven’t been posting I’m quite overwhelmed

so I still don’t have art but my lucky pen and my pajama pants are low key aesthetic-y

I don’t have any art but my best friend and I put LEGO fred’s hair on LEGO scooby doo last Thursday and it’s the funniest thing I think we may have ever done

figured this is kind of an important question because in the past month I’ve lost over 150 followers and idk man I just want to know if I did something

It’s almost that day of the showing affection for the people you love and crud so instead of that I’m giving stuff to my friends and offering to draw things for other people to give to their significant other for a small sum tomorrow during my study hall and during lunch

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