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So proud of these 2 incredible ladies that I'm blessed to have met through my job:) these women are all about team work in all things and have genuinely good heart! Love ya Biddle babes!!! Thanks for trying something new with me!!! Brandie & Mo!!!💗 #warriordashmaryland2015 #mudsweatbeer

Someone was not interested in having their picture taken at this moment... The other 2 however were having a blast!!!😍

Mina, my golden angel. How she shines💖 helping out in the kitchen for our family's THANKSgiving dinner. She loves being a part of making meals, you can see the joy and pride in her eyes that she feels she too has an important place in our family. But of course my darling!!!

A day I'll never forget... We were bored... I laid like a lazy cat sprawled on my stomach in bed half hanging off and Jason came from down the hall, sat next to me and just said, wanna go for a hike? We spent most of the hike in silence because it was snowing and beautiful. As we got closer to the top of tumbling run the trees were throwing snowballs at us. We sat at the top for a long time just enjoying the view. When we left Jason in true form chose to get lost driving home. I say chose because its just true. The boy lived for getting lost! It took us 2 hours to drive home when it shouldn't take more than 30min. I wouldn't trade a single moment. A day I'll never forget. Jason, you couldn't hide your kind and gentle nature if you tried. I don't know what has me thinking of you at this time, there's no date of significance approaching, just you reaching out to me maybe at a time when I seem to be craving connection more so than usual. A kind of connection like you and I shared. One without words. I love you dearly my friend. You were truly something.

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