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—Barie&Kay🐸💩💕  ~Current story: 'Integrity, Hope, Love' 🎈 - ~Doesn't all idols deserve a fan fiction about them?⭐ - ~Give us feedback as you read :)

Song of the chapter: Be There- Tatiana Manaois 💎
Bella's POV-
The feeling that you get when you loose something that meant the world to you and that's the last thing you had from them. All I could hear is my heart beat getting louder and quicker. My palms getting sweaty and Cameron wrapped around me still. I was still worried and I felt like an idiot loosing a bracelet that my dad gave me before he passed away. Memories were flooding and zooming past me. I started to tremble and more tears streamed down my face. The memories playing video games with my dad, watching wrestling together, watching soccer games, watching movies and curling up with my dad since I was born till 11 years old. I wish I didn't loose him to cancer, but I did. I sighed and I was too weak to get up. I decided to stay in Cam's muscular arms wrapped around me safely. I weakly smiled that our skins were touching. I looked up to his soft brown eyes and he looked back into mine. I still was still frustrated but, Cameron made me stay calm. "It will be okay baby girl, we will find your bracelet, okay?" Cameron said and squeezed me. I smiled and I pulled myself up. Cameron took his hand out and I grabbed it. // Does Bameron or Cella? Which one Sounds better? Hehe, get ready for some drama 😉. -Kay ✨

^^^thats so adorable😂// Kayla's p.o.v-"Bella, you blushed HARD." I smirked. "Shut up, Kayla." Bella playfully rolled her eyes. We walked back to our car with all our stuff we took to the beach. "Um, Bella??" I started to get worried. The bracelet her dad gave her meant so much to her, now I have no idea where it is. "Yeah?" Bella was confused. I cautiously pointed to her wrist. Her eyes became wide and she immediately ran back to the beach. "No no no no no!!" Bella freaked out. We stopped at our old spot and looked around our surroundings. Bella started holding her hair like she was frustrated. "I can't find it!" She groaned and sat on the sand. She put her knees up to her face and curled up. I heard small whimpers and cries. Suddenly, Cameron came running towards us with a confused face. He stopped when he saw Bella down on the ground all curled up. 'What's up with her?' Cameron motioned. 'Bracelet.' I motioned back. He nodded and went to Bella. "Hey, it'll be okay.." Cameron softly spoke. Bella just turned where she immediately hugged Cameron's waist and set her head on his bare chest. Cameron, accepted that. Cameron kissed her forhead and swayed her back and forth. I, in the mean time, was confused. How is Bella not knowing this is Cameron? "Let me see your phone." He whispered. I immediately ran to give him her phone. I unlocked it first, and gave it to him. After about 2 minutes of silence, he gave me Bella's phone back. I checked every app she has. Nothing. I then checked the last thing on her phone. Contacts. I scrolled through her contacts and spotted this name called, 'Babe 💋💓' . I chuckled a little and shook my head. Cameron must be very sweet. /// Bella here, this took long bc I had no idea what I was supposed to write, due to me and Kayla's merged chapters. :p. Anyway, enjoy! -Bellaxx

Song of the chapter: I Don't Even Know Your Name- Shawn Mendes
Cameron's POV-
The guys (all the magcon boys) and I were just throwing around our football but unfortunately Nash had to throw the football too hard and I didn't catch it. I saw the ball fly across me and the ball landed on a girl's lap. I walked towards her and she got up. I stared at her up and down and bit my lip. "Damn" I mumbled and she didn't hear me. "Hey can you toss me the ball?" I asked. "Sure." The girl said and got up. I kept staring at her but she didn't notice because she was too concerted on the ball. She threw the ball at an exact angle and I caught it. As I caught it I kinda lost my balance. The girl chuckled and another girl with long dirt brown hair touch the girl's shoulder. The brunette (aka Bella) grinned and I decided to walk up to them. "Hi I'm Cameron Dallas, you are?" I asked the 2 girls while smiling. "I'm a person." The Burnett said and I chuckled. "I'm just kidding, the name is Bella Amore Cabello, and this is my best friend Kayla Anne Marie." Bella said with a charming smiling and I could see her cute dimples. "Cam, hurry up." Nash said I saw Nash come up and stopped to stared at Kayla. Kayla pulled a piece of her hair back and blushed. "Name's Nash Grier." Nash said and I chuckled. "Well, I'll see you two ladies later." I said with a wink and Bella blushed hard. I walked away wishing she was mine. 'Why do I already have feelings for her?' I asked myself and shook my head.// Hey guys it's Kayla and here's chapter 1 for my part of the story! Please go check out the intros and I'll see yall later!👋🏻✨✈️

Listen To Worth It By Fifth Harmony🐭 - Kayla's Introduction: I got out the fresh, cold water and wrapped my figure with my towel. I glanced at Bella who threw a football at a boy. Typical. I walked to Bella and slightly gripped her shoulders. "You did good, but I think you could do better." Bella grinned. "My name is Cameron Dallas, you are?" I could hear the guy speak to Bella. Oh, hey there! My name is Kayla Anne Marie and I am currently 19 years old, and living with Bella Amore Cabello in Los Angeles. I'm 5'7 and I have long, dirt brown hair. "I'm a person." Bella responded. Cameron chuckled. I saw another guy come up to Cameron. "Cam, hurry up." He cooed. He looked up in front of me and Bella and stared right at me. I blushed a little, which caused me to cuddle up on Bella. I can hear Bella, Cameron and the guy chuckle. "Name's Nash Grier." He finished after chuckling. I lifted my head away from Bella's neck and looked at Nash. I smiled. 'Keep calm Kayla, keep calm.' I kept telling myself. I took a deep breath and spoke, "Hi Nash, I'm Kayla Anne Marie. You're friends with Cameron, I see." I spoke. 'Good job Kayla, good job' and again, I said it to myself. I took a glance behind Nash and Cameron noticing their 'little group' huddling around on the sand. "Umm, are those your friends?" Bella questioned with a small giggle. Cameron nodded and headed back to the group, joining in with their little huddle. "I'll go now, see you guys later." Nash said. He looked back and we all saw another guy fall to the sand and get huddled by everyone else. Me and Bella laughed. "Bye." Me and Bella waved as Nash left. Well dang, he's pretty cute. // Hey y'all Bella here! Took me at least 2 days just to think of a good intro😂 anyway, I really hope u enjoy. Kayla will be posting her p.o.v in chapter one and so will I! :) send feedback pls 🐭💞 btw, call me Barie or Brie😂💖 -Barie🐳

Song of the chapter: You Know You Like It- DJ Snake
Bella's introduction:
Do you ever just sit back and think about the past and the memories from the past that were just amazing, and now your here just wanting all of that back. Like you lost everything that meant the world to you and now you think you mean nothing world but you mean everything. Hi, I'm Bella Amore Cabello, I'm 19 years old and I live in California with my best friend Kayla Anne Marie. I have long dark chocolate brown hair with and brown eyes while being 5'2. I was laying down at the beach reading 'Paper Towns' when I saw a football land on my lap. I put my book down and I picked up the football. I looked at the ball's texture and I saw a guy walk towards me. "Hey, can you toss me the ball?" A boy with brown hair and brown hypnoticy eyes asked. "Sure." I said and got up. I looked at how to throw the ball and where to grab it from and threw the ball as I learned from my older brother. I threw it with enough force and the boy caught it. As he caught it he kinda fell back but caught his balance. I chuckled and I felt someone touch my shoulders and it was my best friend Kayla. "Nice throw, but I know you can throw that football better." Kayla said and I grinned. The boy started walking up to us and he was pretty cute. "Hi, I'm Cameron Dallas, and you are?" He asked with a big smile that any girl would fall for. "I'm a person." I said and Cameron chuckled.// Hi guys it's Kayla and here's Our fan fic we will be writing in the same story but different characters POV's ✈️

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