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Ido Simyoni  Tel Aviv➡️London ➡️ NYC. 9 years experience on TV production. Now executive director for an amazing company. Love traveling [email protected]

Here's a big milestone on my journey- today is my official day at my new role. Very excited and enthusiastic to start bringing some magic. Wish me luck.

We see eye to eye my friend.
No one likes Mondays. #idograffitiwalls

Seems like nyc is bringing back my passion for street photography... #idograffitiwalls

Don't laugh, but I think I was #caughtgramming ... 😱
Well at least I got a good #idograffitiwalls shot 🤜🏼❤

How does it feel to achieve one of your biggest dreams?
Mixed feelings. Sounds weird, right? Well, it does. Accomplishment alongside emptiness. Time will help digest and understand this feeling and hopefully I'll start having new big dreams soon (promise to share). I thank god and the world for every day in my life. I cherish and appreciate the little things. Grateful with the good and learning from the bad.
New York, I hope you've been waiting for me as much as I was waiting for you.
New chapter in my life starts now and you all are big part of it.

I can't even describe in words how much I love @theizotimes. He's my best friend and spending time with him in Paris is pure quality time for us just before we start our new chapter tomorrow in NYC. Wish us luck.

Exploring Paris with @theizotimes is something I wanted to do for ages. I'm amazed how welcoming and dog friendly this city is.
Extremely excited about our flight tomorrow to NYC with @airFrance, wish us luck.

Good afternoon from the city of love aka Paris. Showing the city to my love aka @theizotimes

Going down is easy.
Going up is a challenge.
I'm prefer the second.
Ready for my next stage.
Goodbye London, you've been amazing. Next stop- Paris!

In four years England (and London in particular) became my home... it was my playground and I learnt to love it. Now it's time to say goodbye. (#sevensisterscountrypark )

Being a tourist in @London and trying to explore all the places I love in this city just before I leave to my new home in New York City

We are all part of this amazing creation called the world.
Last weekend in London.
Wednesday I'm in Paris.
Friday - NEW YORK.