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Diane Kang  also at @akoreangirleats + @_dianekang

Twinning with @logan.maltipoo 🐶🐶

checking out #brucenauman @momaps1

Dragged his ass to @happylotteworld and made him carry my bag. 🎡🤩✌ #lotteworld

New hair, (almost) new year. 😊

Thanks for the ride @condenast. Onto the next chapter! 🔥 #bittersweet

Hope everyone is having a cozy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 #happythanksgiving

My first ever #SeitzCup! It was such a blast to play with the incredible team behind @golfdigest. ⛳ #golfdigest #golf

See you in Feb! 🎎💕 #bridetobe

A very happy birthday to this big dork. ♡

Having a little too much fun testing out new cocktail recipes @atomixnyc 🥃