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Director X  Director of music videos commercials television & film... sometimes installation art. BET Awards 2016 Video Director of the Year.


#TBT to the year 2000 with Prodigy shooting YBE at Broadway Stages across the street from Queens Bridge (if you know that stage then you are real deal NYC film crew or music industry) I did an edit technique in the video for the first time that went on to be copied by many. Still one of my favs. RIP Prodigy you are remembered and missed. ✊🏽

Three years... we ain’t gonna make it. I wish I could be positive but with idiot conservatives that refuse to deal with reality. Fucktard corporate liberals who want to play both sides to make money from polluters and pretend to do something and conspiracy theorists who think a secret world government is purposefully manipulating the weather to... what? Why would they do that? Aliens or something... we are fucked. Maybe the survivors can rebuild but from what I see the over load of fucking morons guarantees our current civilization is done for by the end of the century. But hey! Take a selfie! Don’t worry about floods and heat waves and hurricanes and tornadoes until it hits your city. We can’t even turn off the lights when we leave the house let alone restructure our entire power system. I’m just scared. Looking for fresh water and planning how to convince someone w farmland to let me and my clan live on some land in exchange for food and water... Jesus. Praying for us all.

Just because our media only focuses on us doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t getting hit with extreme weather. This is worldwide. Climate change is real. It is happening right NOW. Talk about it. Bring it up in conversation instead idle small talk. We all have to recognize the problem and call it out.

Insert quote meant to convey my awesomeness and a determination to succeed that few possess. 📷 @anilm24

Each year is getting warmer. The effects on weather is devastating. We are IN the effects of climate change. It is only getting worse. (If you are going to comment some stupid conspiracy theory do a little experiment for me. Get in a garage then turn on your car engine. A quick little example of carbon dioxide and its interaction with oxygen. Then google NASA Climate Change and see what the people with a space station have to say about the science on this. No time for stupid shit when our planet is burning) Talk about it today instead of regular small talk. We need to raise our voices everywhere.

Early morning with @frenchmontana you know you came up in the 2000’s if you see me and think “Little X”. Back when BET MTV & VH1 played music videos. #Morocco #Chefchaouen

At Toronto city hall with Councillor Fletcher Councillor Thompson and the Mayor of Toronto John Tory. I sat in and watched a unanimous vote in support of the Toronto film industry and discussed the importance of ensuring that the new generation of film makers in the city have opportunities to learn and find their way onto the sets of television shows and movies.

Big up Jason Boothe @jboothe.360 for putting this edit together. I found it on YouTube the other day and am pretty impressed by it. Some words on inspiration from various interviews I have done over the years. 🙌🏽 follow your interests. Evolve with them. Success is when you can pay your bills doing what you want to do with your life.

Very moving installation from last nights Nuit Blanche Toronto called Manitowapow Speaking To The Moon. Very happy I took the trek down to see this off the beaten path piece. I didn’t want to leave.

I told y’all @kwest8825 had something amazing for everybody! A maze that leads to the TRUTH. Big up @ovo40 with the audio component. I sat there for about an hour in the vibe! So for those keeping score hip hop wins #nuitblanchetoronto two years in a row. The biggest most emotionally evocative pieces came from the art form that has always been pushed to the side by the arts community. Very happy to see our community show them we are more than they think and when given the platform we do more than they could imagine!

Last year at Nuit Blanche Toronto my installation Death Of The Sun was unveiled. This year my man @kwest8825 has created something I feel will amaze everybody over at Dundas Square. If you in the city tonight 7pm to 7am hit the streets. It’s gonna be poppin. 🎨 this photo by @benroffelsen won best photo of Nuit Blanche 2016 and @champagnepapi took the sun on his European tour. Big up the team work.

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