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Don't be hard on yourself if you're going through hard times or dealing with things that don't make sense. There's a great shift that happens in people's lives when it's time for them to enter another phase of their journey. You might lose people you love, you might leave your job, you might even want to be alone to figure everything out. This is a great sign that something amazing is about to happen in your life.
Trust the signs:

Life has a way of teaching us lessons. We might not even agree with what's happening, but that's just the way things are when new energy is about to enter your life. If you have been feeling at your core that you want to change, that you're just tired of the same old routine, then this is a major sign for you to be open to what's entering your life. We sometimes say we want change, but resist the process because it doesn't feel good at the beginning. Old habits and energy are being broken down to build something new. Don't shy away from the process. Embrace the signs. Explore it.

During the change:

When you start to get the signs, don't revert back to trying to keep life stuck in the old ways. Let the work happen in your life. If there's an inner urge to do something, do it. Start tuning into your spirit and your heart. Don't let the mind make you overthink and judge the process. Imagination and intuition will guide you further, the more you start to trust it. During this time, do everything you want that makes you feel good. This will help you connect back to your purpose. Sign of spirit operating in your life is when you are happy, peaceful, and feel inner contentment. You just know that you got this. Nothing can shake you, break you, or make you reactive in a negative way. You're maturing, developing, and growing spiritually. Open up a good book, go out into nature, write more, connect back with yourself. This is a magical time of transformation. Don't be scared, be curious!

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To anyone going through a transitional period of growth just know that I'm proud of you. I'm proud of your efforts, your drive, your focus, and how you never give up. I'm proud that you found that light of hope in the darkest moments. I'm proud that you're trying everyday to get up, and get things done. If when you feel tired and feel like giving up you find a purpose, reason, and motivation to keep pushing through. There's something about you that's so beautiful; that smile you always carry. You inspire others around you to be the best that they can be through your strength. You give me courage through your words, and trust through your actions. You are always there inspiring others and showing them that everything will be okay. You're so incredible and I just wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you.
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You can't ask for change and expect everything to be the same. You will be moved out of your comfort zone. The process will seem hard. You will feel all types of emotions and there are days where you might even feel drained. You might even want to give up to go back to that comfort where you weren't truly happy, but you felt "safe." However, you can't return. You have to welcome the uncomfortable state because you know that your habits are being broken. You know that everything is changing for the better, but at first you have to shed that old energy. You're in the process of learning a new way of thinking, feeling, and doing this. How can you expect a process such as that not to be uncomfortable? The point isn't to stress how you're feeling, but to be patient with yourself. Guide yourself with kind words. Take your time. Take it one day at a time. Breathe deeply as often as possible. The more you take it one day at a time the more you'll look back and thank yourself for even moving forward. This is just a reminder that if you're in that space right now. Don't give up. Be easy on yourself. I'm here with you through this journey to shine light of hope and positivity on you as you take your steps forward.
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Look at it this way; everything you're currently doing is the past that you'll be talking about in your future. At the same time everything you're currently doing is the future you'll be living. So how you choose to live this moment is what creates your past and your future. The funny thing is a lot of us are stuck in the past or the future not realizing that now is the only time we truly have to create our lives.

How to free your mind from the past:

A lot of people haven't learned the art of letting go, the art of forgiveness, and the art of acceptance. Many people carry around too many regrets, hold onto too grudges, and carry around loads of mistakes. Understand one thing clearly; you can't change what has already happened. You have to learn to stop victimizing yourself and learn to let go. You have to free your mind from the weight of the past. Good or bad, the past experiences occurred to mature you, not to keep you stuck. Forgive yourself for it, accept that it happened, and gracefully let go. You have better things to be creating with your mind right now, than wallowing in the past.

How to free your mind from the future:

The future isn't some distant place like it seems in your mind. The future is right now. It's actually funny how so many people are sitting around thinking that someday out of nowhere the future will happen to them. This is why so many feel like they haven't accomplished much of their goals because they are living in the future in their minds, rather than right now. What you do right now, will be your future. How you take care of your mind and body today, will be your future. How much energy you put into bettering yourself now, will be your future.
The present life is a gift:

If you want to attract something, you have to be that state right now. If you want to be successful, you have to have a successful mindset now. If your mind is not in the present, you're missing out on changing your life. Start refocusing yourself on what you're doing moment to moment and see how much power you have to alter your reality completely.
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When you're growing and getting better, things return to test you. This can be old habits, people, and situations you're no longer apart of. It's the process of growth because when you take care of yourself and prioritize your happiness, you start to glow and shine. That energy you emit becomes magnetic and makes you more attractive. You have to keep your vibration high and keep going. Keep getting better. Keep entering higher levels of growth. It's not about showing off of proving a point to anyone. It's about your own inner wellness. Stay focused on that.
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Be so busy becoming the best version of yourself that you don't have the time and energy to involve yourself with negativity, drama, the past, or things that drain you. Be defined by what you do, not what others have done to you. Don't give people that kind of power over you.
The better you become, the better you attract:

Every moment you have a choice to use your energy to grow your vision, so don't give it away to others or the past to benefit from it, while you deplete in sorrow. Let go of all the resentment, could haves, should haves, and he or she did this to me nonsense. Stop letting others weigh you down. Stop overthinking everything. We're conserving energy here, not tossing it around aimlessly. Once you become detached and own your power, you'll have the opportunity increase your vibration.
Be busy succeeding:

Start taking care of your mind by having more positive optimistic thoughts. Take care of your body, so you can feel good. Take care of your soul by filling it with love and laughter. Succeed in every area of your life. When you do the self-work and bring the energy back to yourself, you'll notice your life will start to transform for the better. You'll no longer be worried, because you have an inner trust that everything is working out for the best. Everything that once held you down, will now be a stepping stone to reach your highest goals.

Elevate yourself:

You have to learn to elevate yourself so you don't lower your vibration to stay stagnant. You have to know what you deserve, not just by thought alone, but by action too. When you set the bar for how you want to be treated, people will follow.
Letting go:

Never identify yourself by something that has happened in the past. If you're a conscious creator of your life, you know that each moment is up to how you view yourself. So instead of linking your potential to the past, how about you let go of it and live how you want to be today. Don't give people from your past, power over who you can be today. Nothing can limit you, but what you allow. Decide to be happy. Decide to get better. Decide to mature and gain wisdom.
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It's time for you to RECEIVE. Something you've been praying for is about to happen for you. You've had enough lessons. You've been patient long enough. You've remained strong through many trails and challenges. Nothing broke you. You still here standing strong. Now it's your turn to start receiving blessings and it is about to happen for you. Things are getting more clear. The answers you need are arriving. The universe is getting ready to make a delivery in your life. In the meantime, celebrate and smile like you've already received everything you have been asking for. I promise it's about to happen for you.
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So many great things are coming your way. Don't be afraid of new beginnings. If you're going through a bump in the road or feel unsure, don't worry. You're on the right track, because with any great change, a shedding of the "old ways" is required. Anytime we're in a transformative state we get kind of uncomfortable, because we're not use to it. Sometimes we even desire going back to old habits, just to avoid this feeling. I'm here to tell you don't be afraid. Don't shy away. Don't hide from it. Allow change to flow through your life. As you become more aware, you'll start to take conscious control over your life. You'll no longer be a victim of circumstances, but rather a creator of your reality. Everything in your life is about to change. Be little more patient and trust the process. Understand that patience means trust. It means you believe you'll receive the seed you've sowed. Don't let worry, fear, and anxiety make you dig up what you've planted just to see if its growing. If you didn't know before, there's a very important universal law called "The Law of Gestation" this law basically means that there is a natural process and order to things once they have been planted. This law works in nature; growing trees, food, and even all reproduction systems. The truth is right in front of our faces even if we don't pay attention. This is why we have to learn to respect and honor the process. When it comes to our goals and our dreams, we expect things to happen, like, yesterday. And when they don’t show up in the timeline that we want or the way that we expect, our doubts and limiting beliefs come into play. Our negative mind chatter creeps up and starts blurring our vision. You have to believing that life is perfect, and timing is life's best friend. Trust the process, and have faith in the unseen. The minute you decide on a goal or have a strong vision in what it is you want to accomplish, the energy starts moving through you, and begins the work. Everything is in fruition! Your vision will be realized. Just believe!
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The energy you keep around is constantly affecting you. The ones you spend most of your time with, influence your attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and your level of success more than you think.
Everyone walking around is holding a level of vibration. Some people are stuck in their own cycles and habits that keep their energy at a low vibration. In this state, the person tends to see life from a negative perspective. They always seem to be complaining, and have many problems in all areas of their life. A person like this, will most likely try to bring you down if you're around them. They'll try to make you see life from their "negative" perspective, and discourage your dreams & vision. If you're around them too long, you'll start to share a vibration of belief with them.
Only energy connects people, and you can't expect to stay positive being around negative vibrations. This is why it's crucial to understand the energy you hold, and the people it aligns you with.
High vibrational beings are people who have an optimistic view on life, they're always happy, because nothing affects their internal state, they get what they want because like attracts like, success is apart of their life, because they hold a positive belief about money. Being around someone like this will inspire you and show you an insight into a life that you probably didn't know existed. Their good vibrations will uplift you.
However, to attract someone in higher vibrational state, you have to be in that state to align yourself. All this alignment is happening, but we can't see it unless we start paying attention to the things we've manifested around us. When you realize the kind of energy you have been attracting, then and only then can you make a change. Don't try to hold on to meaningless friendships, and relationships that are keeping you in low vibrations. Life is too short to waste your precious energy on being unhappy. Shift yourself to align yourself.
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There's something you can let go of right now that can completely transform your life for the better. This can be a habit that's not helping you get better or someone that's bringing negativity and or toxic energy into your life. You have the power to change your circumstances. Nothing or nobody is responsible for what you are attracting or can attract but yourself. Understanding this will help you gain full control over your life so you can start attracting what you really want to experience. Instead of blaming others or pointing fingers, ask yourself what lesson is this situation or circumstance here to teach you. Since energy is everything, nothing is a coincidence. Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are sent out to the environment to attract to yourself what you think and feel. When a situation presents itself and you're not happy with it, you don't have to blame what's happening. Rather, bless where you're at by being thankful for what it has taught you and be open to ways you can evolve from it. This will automatically empower you to attract better experiences, because you're not a victim. You can get better. You can attract better. Everything around you is energy. Imagine your thoughts and emotions being projected outwards to pull towards you the experiences you desire. With this understanding, you have to be more positive, optimistic, and hopeful with your thoughts. Start changing how you think by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Look at which beliefs you have that are holding you back. Replace those too. It's time to start receiving your blessings.

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We're so stressed out these days, because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing. We always want everything to happen instantly. If we don't see anything changing on the outside, we start to lose faith in the power to manifest our reality. We even might start doubting if it's even real or possible. You can't plant the seed and instantly pull it out to see if anything is growing. Your role now is to water the thoughts, habits, and beliefs you want to manifest externally. Soon you will see what you've planted come into fruition. We have to be more patient and more trusting as we are doing the inner work. You are making a lot of changes in your life and the energy of your mind, body, and soul is shifting to a higher frequency to align you to new experiences, new habits, new people, new energy, and a whole new mindset. Everything will suddenly change for you. It will all happen. However, your number one focus right now is to continue making the changes and don't give up on yourself. Keep watering your seed. Give yourself the space you need to reconnect with inner-self. Keep reminding yourself why you even wanted to change in the first place. Deep down within your soul you knew you deserved more out of life than what you used to settle for. Now that you're going to be more patient, you'll be allowing the work to be done through you and for you. Soon you will notice the results of your efforts. You will see how powerful you are. You will notice that you have the ability to fully transform your life. Give yourself credit right now. You're on a beautiful journey.
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