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Nicole.  love more.

What is one place you really want to travel to? I would love to travel all around the world tbh but my top three would be Asia (specifically Japan), Africa (literally everywhere in Africa bc its soooo pretty) and Greece.

Yesterday was my last day of school!!! When do/ did you guys get out?

Ya girl is finally taking pictures outside!!!

What time is it where you live? Comment your state/country too (Mine is Maryland, U.S., 7:14pm)

summary of how my week has been so far using memes :) COMMENT HOW YOUR DAY WAS!! (Wish you guys could comment memes:/ but if you want to send me some memes describing your day go ahead!!)

this feels like a dream.

Drop your fav or most used emojis

young and dumbbbb

✨💫💛 sending positivity, prosperity, love, and motivation to all of you this morning💛💫✨ (COMMENT SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY WHENEVER YOURE FEELING SAD)

aWkAwaRd aRmS ( you can definitely see my bra :/ oh well )

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