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Nicole  love more.

I don’t usually do shoutouts but this is kind of important to me! I would seriously appreciate it the most if you guys followed her and helped me support her on her modeling journey!!! @eternally_shining (photographer: @elimadeline)

I’m kinda hot (@hairvivicom use my code: nicole for $15 off!)

These are all basically the same but I feel bad about not taking pictures recently bc I’ve been busy and the weather is so bad where I live so enjoy


I haven’t taken pictures recently so enjoy these for now:) p.s. how was your week?

I need to recharge and cleanse my crystals. I want to go to this park near me that has a beautiful waterfall and take pictures while I’m there but I need someone to go with me. (I’m thinking about doing it alone but I’m too scared)

do you have any siblings?? If you do how many? (I’m an only child sadly) omggg fun fact: when I was younger I used to want siblings soooo bad so I would pretend and tell people I had siblings and I had imaginary siblings and we would play games together and make little shows. Lol it’s kinda depressing but yeah

I need a hug. I need a hug bad

🦋 /// what’s your favorite animal?

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