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Nicole  hi

not sure why I like this picture so much (I’ll probably delete later, idk yet)


it took me one try to get this picture:) usually I have to take 10000 before I find a few that look decent but I took this and BOOM bad bitch status. ALSO the link for the hair is in my bio just incase you wanted to check it out:)

what state/ country do you live in?

Drop a random fact about yourself! My random fact is: I’m obsessed with ASMR and have a hard time going to sleep without it

smile from u

Me in my room at 2am listening to sad music in my underwear crying and jumping around making my neighbors hate me

I had an epiphany this weekend about who I am, my emotions, the future, choice, all that kind of stuff. I feel like I’m not putting enough into the world. I want to create something that will out live me. Idk if that makes sense but something that will still impact the world or be remembered even after I’m gone. I feel like right now I’m not contributing to anything. I’m just existing. There is nothing wrong with that but, I want more out of life and for myself. I have people around me saying they see potential in me or they see my purpose but I never see it. I’ve been waiting for my purpose to come to me but I’ve come to the conclusion that I could just create it. I don’t have to wait for a sign or some miracle to feel alive or feel like I’m here for a reason or my life has purpose. ~I would hold myself back from finding my purpose or anything really because of fear. Fear of not being accepted, fear of not being able to finish something, fear of not doing my best, fear of not being able to make an impact or achieve a set goal. But fear is only a feeling. A feeling I have the power to control. I’m afraid. But I’m learning to become fearless. I’m learning to be who i am. If i take everything away and I’m left with the things I created, I want to be able to say i did that for myself. I’m saying all of this to say I don’t give a fuck.

hi my name is Nicole and I’ve never broken a bone:) You guys do it too!! (hi my name is_____and I ___*insert whatever you want*___)

pain and growth are inevitable.

couldn’t decide whether or not I liked the filter. Comment your favorite vine!!!

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