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Ida  23y/o, Sweden🇸🇪 Body fitness athlete http://idasmatsida.blogspot.se/

Tyngre brödpudding inför ett tyngre träningspass👌🏼 Ca 50g kolhydrater, 50g protein och 15g fett. Nu vankas backintervaller, hopp, magträning och annat kul 💪🏽

Dessert for breakfast 😍 French toast or like we call them in Sweden: fattiga riddare tasted even better after fasted morning cardio. (translation: poor Knights). 319kcal, 38g p, 13g f, 12g c 👌🏼 recipe in the blog 😉

Home made Swedish blood pudding with full fat bacon and panfried apple for lunch 👅💦 only 83kcal, 1,4g carbs, 0,6g fat and 13g protein on 100grams pudding 😍 could eat this with anything and still fit my macros ❤️ (recipe in the blog)

Friyay disco at the gym to start this day 💪🏽

Perfect day for a cold chocolate/coffe high protein (low fat, low carb, sugar free) drink in the ☀️ since the temp on our balcony shows 30 Celsius degrees 💦 Lucky me I got a delivery from bodylab yesterday ✌🏻️ now I just need to learn how to bake with all these ingredients 😂 cooking healthy food whether it's low carb or low fat (always high protein) is easy. My baking skills is slacking behind tho 🙈

Firat Valborg med ett pass utomhus med burpees, chins, grodhopp, backintervaller, armhävningar, dips och hängande benlyft tillsammans med bae 😍

11am. Morning cardio ✔️ grocery shopping ✔️ back workout ✔️ lunch ✔️ post diet energy is infinite 😍

Gotta love pancake breakfast 👅💦 high protein and macros are👌🏼 some mobility training and chest and delts in a while. Just gotta digestive this monster first 😂

I've been terrible in updating latest week for several reasons. I could write a whole book bout peak week, competition and these two days that passed after my comp, but the only thing I wanna say is that it feels amazing to eat and be back in the gym ✌🏻️ I actually had a rest week in my mind but felt for going to the gym to get some pump. Also need to try out and review my new workout plan before putting in my soul to it 😈 legs was on the schedule and I've hated every single leg workout during diet, but today I enjoyed every single rep, every slow negative, all the pain and sweat 💦

Good "morning" 🌞 1 week out and vacation from work again. Pee(ak) 💦 week starts tomorrow with a slightly different schedule since last comp. The plan for today is cardio, legday, grocery shopping and posing practice. Just the usual 😅

Back and delts ✔️ #everydayisshoulderday

Breakfast latergram. Why can't every morning be like this 😍 raspberry/cookies and cream protein fluff with chocolate sauce and crunchy vanilla/butter flavored oats 👌🏼

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