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Painting with a new technique #icyandsot

“Separation” painted with cut out steel, swipe left for the video #icyandsot

Painting with a new tool #icyandsot

“Iranian currency today”
Trump’s decision to abandon the nuclear deal with Iran has collapsed the Iranian currency. The sanctions have been effecting the working class and low income people rather than the regime.
Iran’s currency has lost more than two thirds of its value this year, sending prices skyrocketing. Clothes, shoes, milk, rice and many more goods have doubled or tripled in price.
there is been shortages of basic goods, especially imported medication upon which many lives depend.
Sanctions have crippled the lives of the Iranian people. #stopsanctionsonpeople

Playing with ladders #balance

“Ladders to nowhere”
For @powwowsanjose

"Ladders to nowhere” installation for @powwowsanjose
United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and a corrupt and inhumane prison system. For example a person who has been recently released from prison is ineligible for welfare. they are not eligible for subsidized housing, they can’t find a job because of their Criminal record. Essentially, they come back to a society that is not prepared structurally or emotionally to welcome them back. most inmates who enter the system are likely to reenter within a few years of their release.
This prison cell is made with ladders, The ladder symbolizes the lessons that a prisoner can learn and want to move up in the society and to change to be a better person, but the prison system here makes that impossible because they can try to climb up the ladder but they never really get anywhere.

“Time is running out”
#cutoutsteel #icyandsot

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