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Diego and Claire ❀ Tita Nads

We got Fabio's paw print back today.
Fabio met a lot of friends during his lifetime. He met and also became friends with his ate and kuyas' highschool, college and even some of the medschool friends. He was funny, and smart, and super lambing. He loved having guests over and sharing his toys. He loved couch surfing and jumping on the bed to sleep. He also loved car rides and pressing the button with his own paw so that the power window would roll down and he could feel tbe air push against his face. A lot of people have asked me how Fabio passed. It wasn't the easiest question to answer because for me it was tragic and heartbreaking. I found Fabio sleeping in the passenger's seat of our car. He snuck inside while no one saw him because he thought we would ride the car and leave him behind. He just wanted to be with us. When I noticed that no one was following me around the house, I realized that Fabio was missing. We were all frantic and we started to look for him. I was thinking-- he must've been dognapped, but I knew better. I knew Fabio wouldn't walk out the gate without a leash. He was scared of getting lost. And as if a tiny light bulb went ding in my head, I remembered the car. I rushed to our car and saw him there sleeping. His body was hot. We carried him to the bathroom to give him a shower so his temp would go down, but nothing happened. It was difficult to look for a vet that day because it was a holiday, May 14. Nielsen and I drove around until we ended up in Vets in Practice. It was too late. His heart stopped beating. I was screaming in the clinic. I was so mad that day. I think I still am. Fabio was a great dog. He didn't deserve to go that way. You may think there's no need to be too sad. He was just a dog, an animal. All I could say to you is that you don't understand. Fabio was my silent bestfriend. He would run to me after I got home from school, watch me when I study, and press his body against mine for a belly rub or a hug when he felt that I was sad, most of all for me, he was the last strand of life my Nanay left me with. All I could hope is that dog heaven is a nice place with endless treats and comfy beds.

So much love for the newest member of our barkada πŸ‘ΆπŸ’–

Fabio, why did you leave me today? It's so unfair. I wasn't prepared.

Fabio the Frenchie
Feb 16, 2011- May 14,2018

Happy Mother's day to the woman who showed me how you can be fearless and strong without being feared,taught me how to love fancy meriendas and appreciate good ambience every time I eat, and how you can be glamorous without being flashy.
I miss having our merienda dates after school and going swimming every morning of the weekends. I didn't realize I did a lot of things with you until I did them with an empty seat across mine. The past few months have been difficult, I wish you stayed home.

When glitter gives you life πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ

Life was better back when I wore bows on my head.

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!! I love you always ❀

Happy Valentine's day to my daily wake-up caller. Everyday is a good day when it starts and ends with you .

When I'd rather be anywhere else than here.

HIGHSCHOOL NEVER ENDS πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–. From talking about going to school or skipping class to discussing birthplans and parenting methods. I'm so proud of my loves @andreabjuarez and @janinebalao . I'm beyond excited to meet my pamangkins. Himas himas muna sa tiyan para swertihin kami ni tita doc @amsrosas sa exams. Love you girls 😘

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