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Experiencing big dips in reach, engagement, and follower growth on Instagram? Uh oh! These are all symptoms of the infamous Instagram shadowban, which Instagram itself claims isn’t real… or is it? 🤔 In our latest blog post, @caitlinrhs unpicks the dreaded shadowban to help you understand what it really means and what you can do about it if you’ve been affected (quite a few things, as it turns out👌). If you haven’t been affected, and you’re just curious as to what the shadowban drama is all about, we’ve got you covered too. 👀 Check it out now (link in bio)! bit.ly/2wAmIYj
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If you’re looking for ways to create fun and engaging Instagram Stories that look professionally done, our very own @caitlinrhs has a list of 6 low-cost, easy-to-use design tools that will help you transform your Instagram Stories into little works of art! 👩‍🎨📱👨‍🎨 Head over to our blog and learn how to create branded Stories templates, slice up longer videos into 15-second clips, add music, and so much more... but most importantly, learn how to do it all like a pro! 💯 Link in bio 👉 bit.ly/2vRl0yO

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What makes Instagram so attractive to the 25M+ businesses that use it actively? They understand that a brand must cultivate an online presence that is first and foremost VISUAL if it is to be competitive, let alone successful. In the context of Instagram, the theme of your feed plays a critical role in your success, yet building and maintaining a consistent look & feel is no easy task. Enter: Olga Rabo (@therussianabroad) our content expert and your Instagram Fairy Godmother.🧚 In her latest article, Olga brings you exclusive tips from 7 influencers who have mastered the art of Instagram aesthetics AND shares her 6 spells… er… steps you can follow to give your own feed the Cinderella-like transformation it deserves. And the best part? This Fairy Godmother will let you keep your beautiful new aesthetic well past midnight (read: for as long as it helps drive your goals 💰). Now, head to our blog and make some Insta magic happen [link in bio]! ✨

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Instagram's ad revenue is growing at the speed of light (we're talking almost TRIPLE the revenue YoY 😯), and in such a competitive environment, one of the most pressing questions for most Instagram marketers is: "How do I make my ads stand out above the rest, and how do I make sure they're driving my objectives effectively?" Well, it's not going to be easy, but it's also not impossible (and we're here to help)! 🤝 Our fabulous Emily Lydon (@elm.tree5) has put together an easy 7-step tutorial, covering everything you need to know about both in-feed & Stories ads. So, if you're ready for all that new traffic and sales, read the tutorial on our blog now [link in bio]. 🤑📈

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Are you a blogger, influencer, photographer, photo enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys taking long walks AND pictures? Do you live in Berlin or happen to be visiting soon? Great! 😃 Join us on Saturday, August 4 for the first-ever Iconosquare Instawalk! 👟📸🤳 Spend an afternoon exploring some of Berlin’s coolest spots and hidden gems through the lens of your camera, meet other creatives, and make new friends! Any content you share + tag with #IconoWalk might get featured on our Instagram, so don’t forget to charge your camera/smartphone! 🔋😉 Check out our FB event for more details [link in bio]. Joining us? Let us know in the comments below👇

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who treat their Insta bio as an afterthought, and those who use it as the powerful marketing tool that it is. 👀 If you fall into the second camp, our new blog post is for you! Our very own Olga Rabo, aka @therussianabroad, shares the 6 must-know tips for not only writing a bio that will help you capture your audience’s attention, but also optimizing this prime real estate for more traffic, sales, and followers. 📝👌💯 Check it out now via the link in our bio (no pun intended 😅)! // 📸: @lin.alessio via @unsplash

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Happy Birthday, America! 🇺🇸🎉 We hope all the members of our US #IconoFam are having a happy and safe #4thOfJuly! 😃 Be sure to check out our new blog post to catch up on all the exciting new Instagram features — of course, if you manage to find some time between enjoying your aunt's potato salad and watching the fireworks. 🎇 We're breaking down everything you need to know about the app’s latest additions — from uploading IGTV videos to muting that cousin you’ve been wanting to unfollow since high school (but can't because you see them at family cookouts for every major holiday). 🤭 [link in bio] // 📸: @frankiefoto via @unsplash

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Tune in on June 27 for our webinar, "4️⃣ Steps to Building a Killer IG Content Strategy (With Minimal Effort)", presented by our fabulous Customer Education Lead, Jemma O’Leary. 💻
👈 Swipe for details! 👈
Jemma will share her best time-saving tips, tricks, and hacks that you need to know about building an Instagram content strategy the easy way! 💅 We're also offering an exclusive deal on Iconosquare to all webinar participants, so be sure to sign up and secure your spot—link is in bio! 📲✨ [bit.ly/2M6W50L]

Everybody knows that Instagram filters can make or break your post. So, to help you make sure your filter game is 💯, we rolled up our sleeves and did what we do best — we analyzed 790,000 Instagram accounts to find out which of the 40 native Insta filters are most popular in the world. Head over to our blog to see what we found out, and learn when you should (and absolutely should not) be using each of them. [Link in bio... but you already knew that! 😉]

One of the best, yet often overlooked ways to stand out on the ‘gram is to cultivate a strong brand voice. 📣 But how do you make sure your Instagram really reflects your brand? And how do you stay consistent? 🤔 In our latest blog post, Ryan McCready from @venngage shares everything you need to know about perfecting a voice that your followers will not only recognize instantly but also relate to and enjoy! 😍✨ [link in bio]

Stuck at the same number of Instagram followers you had 6 months ago? Stepping up your Stories game is a must! But what exactly do you need to do to see those numbers rise? 🌟
Our Instagram expert Olga (@therussianabroad) has been busy tackling that question, and in a post for Content Marketing Institute (@cmicontent), she shares her tips and insights into growing your account through Stories (link in bio!) ⬆️
Leave a comment and let us know your own ideas for creating killer #instagramstories

Shoppable tags on Instagram are a game-changer for anyone selling products online, from big e-commerce brands to etsy shops! They’re making it way easier for all of us to splash the 💰 and buy directly from the platform (finally!)
Got something to sell and want in on the action? Check out the link our bio to read a step-by-step to setting up shoppable tags on Instagram, and start generating sales directly from your feed! 🛍️ #instagramtips #instagramshopping

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