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If you have a Business Profile on Instagram, you’ve probably tested out different formats of ads by now: single image, video, carousel, and maybe even an Instagram Stories ad or two? They all have their pros and cons, but getting great results from Instagram Stories tends to be the trickiest. 🤦🏽‍♂️ That’s largely due to the fact that they’re… well, skippable. They appear between two separate Stories, so users can tap forward past an ad they’re not interested in. 👋 But what they can also do is tap back to replay an interesting ad, and in today’s featured article, Emily Lydon (@elm.tree5) shows you how to make more of those. 😍 Head over to the #IconosquareBlog to discover helpful tips for creating ads that will bring more return on your investments! 💸 [link in bio]
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Building a pretty and popular Instagram feed is often the No. 1 goal for most brands, influencers, and eager influencer hopefuls on the platform. Some folks, however, take their content a step further and start making money from it. 💰 What if we told you that you too can grow AND monetize your Instagram presence at the same time? Whether you’re a marketer who wants to show their boss how your content is bringing in real, hard cash for the company or an entrepreneur looking for ways to grow your brand, @caitlinrhs has some helpful tips for ya. 🤑 Check them out in today’s featured blog post! [link in bio]
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Instagram, like any other marketing channel, requires you to know your audience thoroughly if you want to see any ROI. If you’re using this platform to promote and grow your business, your content needs to speak directly to your ideal customer’s strongest interests, their deepest needs, and/or their biggest pain points. How do you find out what these are? Two words: Audience research. 🕵🏻‍♀️ If it’s been a while since you’ve last done this (somewhat daunting) task, or if you wouldn’t even know where to begin to do it, don’t sweat it. In today’s featured article, @therussianabroad will teach you how to learn everything you need to know about your audience (or soon-to-be audience) and how to use that knowledge to create your most engaging content to date. Ready to learn? Then head over to our blog now! [link in bio]
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Were you affected by the recent Facebook hack? Out of the 2.2 billion active monthly Facebook users, as many as 50 million accounts were. Though this doesn’t seem like an awful lot, the event did make all of us think (even) more seriously about our online security. It’s unsettling—to say the least—to know that someone has had access to your Facebook account and all of your data. Really unsettling. The good news, though, is that there are some super easy steps you can take to protect your Facebook account from any future hacks. Head over to our blog to find out how you can check how secure your Facebook account really is, and what you can do to make it more secure today. [link in bio]
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Instagram. 👏 API. 👏 Deprecations. 👏 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard these three words before – and probably in the same sentence. Earlier this year, Instagram changed its API in an ongoing effort to protect its users’ data and privacy, which was a major step in the right direction. 👌 What this means for brands and businesses on Instagram is that, if you want to grow your Instagram presence with the help of third-party apps and tools, you’re going to need to convert to a Business account — and you’re going to have to do it pretty soon. ⏰ Some people, especially marketers who remember the dramatic drops in organic reach on Facebook back in 2014, are not happy about this. Many of them are afraid that their reach and engagement on Instagram will be negatively impacted in much the same way, but for all we know, that’s just another Instagram myth. 👻 In fact, as an Instagram Business users, you will get access to a ton of advanced features that will help you advance your business  while building a community around your brand. 📲📊 Today’s article on our blog is all about that, so be sure to check it out. And of course, let us know if you’ll be making a change and using these nifty features! ✨ [link in bio]
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If you google “best image size for Facebook post“ or “optimal Instagram ads dimensions” more times than you call your loved ones in an average week, this post is for you. 🤙 Our content expert Emily Lydon (@elm.tree5) put together an up-to-the-minute and clearly presented guide on optimal image sizes for social media that you've been looking for. 🔍 Head over to our blog and bookmark this comprehensive (and handy) guide, so you can spend less time googling the perfect post dimensions and focus on what’s really important — creating amazing content. 😍✨ #ThanksEmily [link in bio]
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Hi Friend! Marko from Iconosquare here. 🙋🏻‍♂️ If you’re a social media manager like me, you likely feel the pressure to live and breathe social media — all day, every day. You need to produce a lot of content fast, make sure it performs, and have the next 10 posts lined up should you, god forbid, get sick or be planning that thing people do when they take 2 weeks off work to go someplace warm, drink gin and tonic, and take annoyingly cute selfies in the South of France. 🌴 (I think they call it a “vacation” or whatever. 🙄) What I’m getting at is that, when social media fills 40 hours or more of your week, it’s essential to take a step back and unplug. 🔌 And if this doesn’t seem like an option because there’s just too much to do, you should read Caitlin Hughes’ (@caitlinrhs) recent article for @thenextweb. Caitlin will show you how to create the space for yourself to stop scrolling, refreshing, clicking, poking, tweeting, liking and sharing… and finally take care of YOU. Even if you take just one small step each day, Caitlin’s tips are guaranteed to make all the difference for your health and wellbeing. 😌 [link in bio]
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Analyzing your metrics on Facebook is hardly the most exciting task in the world, but it’s absolutely essential to adapting your strategy and improving your performance. And while 2019 might seem like a far-off prospect, now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to tackle your strategy in the new year. That’s why our content expert Caitlin Hughes @caitlinrhs rounded up the best social media marketing tools for FB analytics — from tracking key metrics to comparing your performance against your competitors’ to monitoring the ROI of your campaigns. And if you’re already embracing Facebook groups for marketing, there’s the perfect tool in here for you too! Head to #IconosquareBlog now to check out the full selection! [link in bio]
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Engagement is fundamental to your success on Instagram: the more engagement you get, the easier it is to grow your account. That’s simple math. But as we Instagram marketers know all too well, engagement fluctuates along with algorithm changes. So, how do you pull your engagement back up once it’s taken a nosedive? And how do you move beyond that low engagement rate you’re stuck at? 🧗‍♀️ Our content expert Caitlin Hughes @caitlinrhs has the answers. In her latest article on the #IconosquareBlog, Caitlin goes beyond the basic tips and shows you 7 easy yet highly effective ways you can boost your engagement rate – starting today. 🤩 Instagram never rests, so head over to our blog and start implementing these tactics now! 👏 [link in bio]
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“What’s the best time to post on Instagram?” 🤔 This is a question that the Internet offers wildly varied answers to. Some say it’s on Wednesdays at 3 pm — not a minute later, not a minute earlier. Others swear the best time is not at 3pm, but rather between 8am–9am. Then there are those who insist the best time to post is between 12-1pm. Finally, there’s us (Hi! 🤗) and we say the best time post on Instagram issss… *moment of nail-biting suspense* 100% INDIVIDUAL! 🤯 Okay, we know this may not be the answer you were hoping for, but the truth of the matter is there’s no magic time that works for everyone. Your perfect timing depends on your unique business, your unique target audience, and your audience’s unique location. In today’s featured article, Olga Rabo @therussianabroad lays down the EXACT steps you need to take to discover your best time to post — and ultimately, enjoy better reach, better engagement, and more followers. ⏰ Read it now on our blog (link in bio).
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Drum roll, please! 🥁 We are super excited to share our NEW ebook ‘Instagram for Entrepreneurs: Building Your Strategy’ in collaboration with the Instagram marketing strategist Tyler J. McCall @tylerjmccall! 📘🎉 In this comprehensive guide, Tyler takes you through the key steps to building a winning Instagram strategy, including how to:
✅ create a strategic roadmap;
✅ optimize your profile;
✅ perfect your captions;
✅ build a beautiful feed;
✅ evaluate your performance with KPIs;
✅ ..and so much more! 😍 So if you’re ready to set yourself up for SUCCESS on Instagram, tap the link in our bio and get your FREE guide now!
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In case you didn’t know, Instagram Stories now has more than 400 million daily users. You read that right — 400 million — which means it gained over 100 million new users in less than two years. Don’t know about you, but we think that’s pretty mind-blowing! 🤯 Stories has become an essential part of a brand’s Instagram presence, and we’d be surprised to find a successful Instagram account that doesn’t make use of this popular feature. So, the question is: What does it really take to kick ass at Stories? Well, for starters, you’re going to need to become intimately familiar with the key metrics you can use to track your growth (or lack thereof 😅). Conveniently, in today’s featured article, Olga Rabo (@therussianaborad) covers each and every metric currently available for Instagram Stories analytics, shows you how to interpret them, and most importantly shares some great actionable advice on what to actually do with those insights. So, whenever you’re ready to learn how to stand out with Stories and use them to drive your goals, you know what to do — tap the link in our bio! 😃
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