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At Visa Tap Room I found out I won’t be missing subways anymore due to “insufficient fare”. I’ll be tapping to ride with my new Visa contactless card and OMNY subway turnstiles coming soon. #VisaAmbassador

Cooking up a little mischief. #summer #free #relax #streetwear #streetwearfashion

I’ve felt for so long that I’ve been in a dark cave of work. Today the sun is out, the grass is green and cool against my toes. I’m so privileged. I’ve been having great conversations about how to continue to use it to take care of others and the earth. Such a joy when a beautiful garment becomes your dancing partner. #dance #summer #free #grateful #designers #fashion

I find everything about this Margaux satchel irresistible. I’m all over it! @katespadeny #loveinspades

I’ve been writing in my blog about feeling uninspired, restless and not being able to focus. I’m not getting too crazy about it tho because I go through these periods every 5 years when I need to make something that’s gotten a bit old into something new. Including me lol. Some of it is to just get back to myself, resting, being healthier and get back in the real world now that I have more time. Because that is in fact how this all started. Calvin taking photos of me in my real, mundane, everyday world. This weekend I went to a vintage show I always attend 2x a year. I’ve decided to embrace color and perhaps you’ve noticed. Before, navigating the show was easy and I could quickly get through when I only wore black and could zero in on the endless racks like a homing pigeon. My experience of the show this time shifted in wildly inspired ways simply because I changed how I looked at something I’ve looked at so many times before. I spent hours exploring, seeing colors, patterns, and textures I’ve never noticed before. I have some new clothes that inspire new ideas and new photo stories to tell. Who says every change has to be huge? Photo: Calvin #color #vintage #hair #upcycle #creativity #inspiration #fashionable #clothes #leica #whosaysso

Why does it seem like I am always smiling and eating when I wear @matthildur.official? Because these garments are about celebrating, living and honoring a woman’s life. Small local production, human relationships with makers, and silk, linen, royal alpaca and Pima cotton from Peru shows this designer cares for us and the earth. Swipe through to see the incredible beauty of these clothes set against the iconic geography and interior spaces of Iceland. #matthildur

Can’t wait to get back to my old neighborhood! Going to be sharing some creative secrets next week and doing some experiential collaborating too. Join me 5/13 at Apple Williamsburg. Sign up through link in my bio. #todayatapple

Heading into the week. #monday #sneakers #comfort #performance #ageisnotavariable #redo-story #event Photo: Calvin

Subway Series 4. #subway #travel #nyc #moving #fashion #life #city Photo: Calvin

Thanks @godaddy for the wonderful Fireside Chat last week. The setting, host and audience were all beautiful (yes you too Noodle the dog)! Swipe to see the bonus fashion illustration all the guests were given. Could not be happier with mine. #godaddypartner #maketheworldyouwant #schoolofhustle

How you live your everyday life can make you a champion. I turned my everyday life into an example of how being happy with who you are can make you a champion that inspires others. Tell me what you do in your everyday life that makes you a champion and use the tag #championsaremade to share it. @bally #ballychampion

Enjoy the holiday. Won’t see you or click hearts til Monday. Want to be fully present with those I love this weekend 💕💕💕 Throwback photo by @heatherhazzan for @allwomxnproject

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