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ichaannisya ichaannisya

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ANNISYA  a girl who's really into singing. πŸ“Jakarta, Indonesia


that one fancy looking store βœ”

a damn good afternoon view #nofilter #singapore

🎢(Part 2) Risalah hati - Dewa 19 @de19wa @oncemekelofficial β€’
Sudikah dirimu untuk kenali aku dulu???
#risalahhati #dewa19 #indomusikgram #vokalplus #coversaik @vokalplus @mousaik

🎢 (Part.1) Risalah Hati - Dewa 19
Beri sedikit waktu, biar cinta datang karena telah terbiasa.....
@de19wa @oncemekelofficial #dewa19 #dewa19cover #indomusikgram #vokalplus @vokalplus

🎢 say you wont let go - james arthur @jamesarthurinsta23
total ini ketiga kalinya nyanyi lagu ini di ig hahahaha awalnya karena ngeliat si adek cutie @sandrinamazayya ngepost dance cover pake lagu ini. laluuu pengen cover nyanyi tapi mager tapi jadilah seadanya ini πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yaudalahyaaa wkwk...
#jamesarthur #sayyouwontletgo #indomusikgram #vokalplus @vokalplus #topvocalist @topvocalist #wowmusicians @wowmusicians

🎢 akad - payung teduh @payungteduhofficial
piano backing track by @pianonest_official
Theres no such thing called 'too late to sing one of the most popular song in 2017' right? πŸ˜‰
@vokalplus @indomusikgram
#payungteduh #akad #vokalplus #indomusikgram #pianonest

windy day πŸƒ #jakarta

🎡 This is me (Ost. The Greatest Showman) - Keala Settle @kealasettle @greatestshowman
Singing is great. But delivering the message of a song is another thing. It took me much time to record this bcs I felt I wasnt able to deliver the message of this song just like Keala did. I was listening to this song like around a week before the movie been launched and I was trying to search it on Youtube the live version of it and I found the one where they did something like a rehearsal session, AND ITS BLOWING MY MIND.
I have never seen someone singing and delivering the message of a song in a very beautiful way like her. Keala Settle is incredibly amazinggg!
#kealasettle #thisisme #ost #soundtrack #greatestshowman #thegreatestshowman @vokalplus @indomusikgram @soundcloudid @topvocalist @wowmusicians @thegoodvoice #crazygoodvoices @hotvocals #hotvocals
#vokalplus #indomusikgram #soundcloudid #topvocalist #wowmusicians #acoustic #cover #1minutecover #femalesinger #thegoodvoice #starsuncovered

some beautiful paths cant be discovered without getting lost 🌿

to the beach, shall we?

Probably the craziest and most unpredictable moment ever happened in my life. One of the most beautiful view I have ever seen. And a true definition of a dream come true. Its not a very good and proper video but its not easy to record and enjoy ur favorite band singing ur favorite song at the same time. And i know my screaming voice is really annoying but come on, its Coldplay!!! @coldplay #coldplay #charliebrown #tbt

I'll see you again soon, Hantu! πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» @mishal.raheja

i loveeee everything about mountain and paddyfield πŸ’š #indonesia

well, since its getting so damn close to 2018 and also i find out that 2017 is pretty amazing and memorable (tho with the ups and downs), I think im gonna post some happy snaps related to it. (share happiness only πŸ˜†)
This is probably the most unforgettable moment i had in 2017.
masih gak nyangka juga beneran bisa nonton, setelah drama ditelantarin di KLIA sm maskapai. masih inget banget waktu itu ngobrol sm cibo di toilet kalo udah pasrah aja lah kalo waktunya udah mepet dan gak dapet flight pengganti. terus ntah gimana ceritanya kok nama gue muncul di 3 teratas tumpukan tiket yang mau on board saat itu juga. dan pas di pesawat kita baru sadar kalo kita main dimasukin aje ke pesawat gak dikasih tiket sm boarding pass. pas nyampe masih lari lari dari ujung ke ujung terminal.
I tell u one thing i had in my mind at that time, INI GIMANA KALO GUE KEK TOM HANKS DI FILM THE TERMINAL??? LUNTANG LANTUNG DI BANDARA DI NEGARA ORANG NGUMPULIN TROLLEY BUAT MAKAN?? wkakakakkakak πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ngejar waktu buat nitip barangnya eci sm acong trs sambil resah nungguin MRT. pas nyampe stadium masih gak nyangka aje, bbrp jam yang lalu gue luntang lantung terus sekarang beneran nonton disini.
I was literally dreaming of watching my favorite band and I thought its impossible and voila! a dream came true, I was there watching them live. Thankyou @coldplay for being part of my unforgettable memories in 2017! #coldplay #AHFoDTour
#maafinpanjang #kenapekekcurhat wkwk

iseng seiseng isengnya nyanyi lagu korea. tapi gue seneng juga sih btw sama lagunya taeyeon yang ini hahahaha ini gue masih belepotan bgt pronounciationnya, maaafinnn yuppss hahahah cuman iseng aja pgn coba cover lagu korea hahahaha ntar juga gue delete nih postingan wkakakak #taeyeon #fine

bermain tic tac toe, membakar marshmallow, minum coklat panas......

🎡Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson @kellyclarkson β€’
Hello everyone!
So im working on a new cover and I really need you guys to let me know whats good and not good about it. Bcs your feedback means a lot to me in order to get better and improved in the next cover. So, if you guys dont mind and have free time, kindly check out the full version on my soundcloud account www.soundcloud.com/annisyamusic or you just simply click the link on my bio and give comments to it :) Thank you and i really appreciate it! God bless!
#kellyclarkson #piecebypiece @vokalplus @indomusikgram @soundcloudid @topvocalist @wowmusicians @thegoodvoice #crazygoodvoices @hotvocals #hotvocals
#vokalplus #indomusikgram #soundcloudid #topvocalist #wowmusicians #acoustic #cover #1minutecover #femalesinger #thegoodvoice

🎢 Percayalah - Raisa feat Afgan @raisa6690 @afgansyah.reza β€’
dengerin pake 🎧 untuk sound quality yang lebih caemss yaah πŸ€—
Dari kemaren random aja nyanyi lagu ini hahaha kali kalii ya dongsss ngecover lagu indonesia hehehe mumpung belom apus makeup dari seharian pergi sihh sebenernya wk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cusss
#percayalah #afgan #raisa #vokalplus @vokalplus #indomusikgram @indomusikgram backing track by @pianonest_official #pianonest @indozonemusic #indozonemusic

hashtag post performance snap πŸ‹

Once Ive said that every performance i did will always be a new favorite bcs there always be new people, new experience and new story. I learnt something from last night performance. I learnt that it is okay not to be okay. Take it as a learning process. Keep trying, keep working hard, and keep fighting for what you dream and what you love. Every succesful stories need process. There will always be ups and downs, satisfactions and disappointments, and thats really okay. I am super grateful to be surrounded by the people who make me improved and motivated. Most important thing, they make me better. And that what makes last night performance my new favorite one.
πŸ“Έ by a very best friend of mine, @faiskamil

🎡 coldplay - fix you
sesi bebas pas latian kemarin hahaha lagu ini menurut gue bagus banget karena emosinya macem macem, dan dicover dalam berbagai macam versi semuanya gak ada yang jelek. Gospel, acapella, orchestra, semuanya pasti bagus. sekalian ngerekam requestnya kak @riasunesta hehehehe maaafin kalo kualitas suaranya gak gitu bagus ehehe nanti kalo ada waktu lagi direkamin lagi yang versi bersih deh ehehehe dan seneng bgt nyanyi bareng kak @luisregiaudee , @tiffanyprd dan kak @dittariesty . next time lagiiiiiiii #coldplay #fixyou

was trying to capture the negative space but idk whether is rite or wrong #wellimanamateur πŸ˜‚

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