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ANNISYA  a girl who's really into singing. 📍Jakarta, Indonesia

nyender hmm.

🎶 Rewrite The Stars - Zac efron ft. Zendaya (from the movie The Greatest Showman) @zacefron @zendaya @greatestshowman •
Menurut gue, ada 2 film musikal yang semua lagu yang ada di film itu ga ada yang gak enak, The Sound of Music dan The Greatest Showman. Semua lagunya enakkk!! Sebenernya yang lagi dikulik justru lagunya yang lain tapi yang jadi duluan malah lagu ini wkwkwk yaaa namanya idup ga ada yang tau yee wkwkwkwk mungkin karena ini lagu full liriknya luar biasa sih (eh.. hahahaha). Anyway, feel free to comment, critics and suggestions are still needed 😉 and one more thing, this backing track piano version is damnnn gooood! Hope you guys like it, Enjoy! Have a good day!
Music by Sing2Piano @sing2music
@zacefron @zendaya @greatestshowman @vokalplus @coversong_id @indomusikgram #vokalplus #coversongid #indomusikgram #zacefron #zendaya #ost #soundtrack #thegreatestshowman #duet #sing2piano

When you now actually look like the combination of Edna from The Incredibles, Jaiko from Doraemon, and Rapunzel from Tangled 🙆💇

🎶 Things will get better - Agnezmo @agnezmo •
My #1 favorite song from my #1 favorite female Indonesian singer, Ms. @agnezmo . The one who inspire me to be always better every single day. The one who inspire me to have dreams and believe in those dreams bcs we can always make it happen. I wish for that one day that i could meet her in person and learn about music more with love and passion. Well, if i believe in that , i can always make it happen right? hahaha And by the way, ini lagu kaga gampang yeee apalagi bagi gue yang masih cetek ilmunyaah wkwkwk ditambah gak ada backing track yang lower key wkwkwk mayan dah 2 hari ngetakenya wkwkwk belom sempurna sihh but hope you guyssss like itttt! Enjoy (with your earphones for better audio quality 😊)
Backing track from Youtube.
#agnezmo #thingswillgetbetter #vokalplus @vokalplus #mousaik @mousaik #coversaik #coversongid @coversong_id #indomusikgram @indomusikgram #agnezmonica

🎶 Pupus - Dewa 19 @de19wa •
Happy saturday night ppl! Sebenernya ini mau di post bagian pas bagian reffrainnya, tapi videonya auto trimmed gt dr instagram huhu versi terupdatenya ig emg gt apa gimana tuh? namun ya sudalah yaa, smoga tetep bisa dinikmati yaaah.. hope you all guys like it 😁ude jgn galau wkwkwk
#pupus #dewa19 #vokalplus @vokalplus #mousaik @mousaik #coversaik #coversongid @coversong_id

🎶 Fall for you - secondhand serenade
Here is my first cover after i have been gone for work for a month. Hmm still working for better quality video but hope you guys still like it.
#fallforyou #secondhandserenade #vokalplus @vokalplus #mousaik @mousaik #coversongid @coversong_id @secondhand.serenade

Highlight of the month, Saurabh Raaj Jain. The very sweet one who makes me feel so much respected and appriciated. Too bad he doesnt have insta, but you can find him on Twitter. And my good prayers will always go to him aswell. No matter what i do and did, you know i love you to the whole galaxy and back 🌸

Now i need to add this to my caption cs he is finally having an insta hahaha welcome to the clubbb saurabhhh @sourabhraaj.jain 😊

never cross in my mind, that i would get the chance to have such an unforgetable experience with these amazing people. so grateful and thankful.

I cant thank God enough for giving me such a very blessed Ramadhan.
Years ago, every sahoor and iftar, i was always wondering how do ppl who work in tv stations spend their Ramadhan. Cs of course they have to work extra. Now im super grateful to get to know the answer directly by taking small part in it. 30 days were so well-spent with these amazing people. We went through happiness, sweat, stressful abd tiring times all together. We support each others, we are there for each other.

Sometimes i find out ppl out there can be so judgy just by seeing what they can see on screen. But when you can see things from the others perspective or you experience it yourself, you can respect ppl more, and be so much thankful. For yourself, for what you have and also for others. I thank these amazing ppl a lot. Salute! 🙌

Like couple of years ago, I saw him just from the screen. And for almost the past one year, I got an incridebly unforgetable experience to meet and know him in person. A very friendly, humble, down to earth, kind, all you name it, superstar. Thank you and so long Shaheer! All the very best thing for all the thing you do. Till we meet again! See you very soonnnnn @shaheernsheikh

I am feeling so blessed to get the chance to work with a very kind-hearted actor I have ever met. Thank you for being so kind and humorous. And pls forgive my clumsiness HAHAHAHAHA hope to see you real soon @vineetrainaofficial 🌺

Have a safe flight, Sid! 👋

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