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THE DRANKGOD  @iur.records

IceToven 👿 should me and zay drop a tape ?

be careful who you bless with yo love and loyalty too everybody don’t deserve it prevention is the best defense mechanism

I been home 6 months got a record deal a shoe deal a clothing deal footlocker deal made cover of metro times dropped a mixtape videos signed 2 artist AND STILL AINT DONE ENOUGH that’s half a year ain’t no excuse to be lazy jail showed me how to appreciate time 💪🏾🙏🏾 and kept GOD first the whole time #JustTheBeginning #drankgod If that ain’t motivation you in the way 🙏🏾

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 my lil nigga not stopping LINK IN HIS BIO @iur.records

Black excellence #BigIceDrankGod 👿

🙏🏾 #LinkInBio #Balance VIDEO ON THE WAY

This nigga @nicknpattiwhack_ burnt out 😆 🤣

The original MONEY PHONE 💵📲 Happy 313 Day 👿 #drankgod

Paperwork party everybody’s invited let us see it ! We the people deserve to know where that work at it’s national paperwork day if you did time let us see it and if you going in make sure you have it we will not be Fooled again 🙅🏾‍♂️ show that WORK HERES MINES 😂💪🏾 #PaperworkChallenge tag rapper you hope ain’t let you down We want P.S.I , Sentence transcripts, and Docket Sheets ladies too ! 🤷🏾‍♂️ Y’all been talking crazy in them songs lately as well we not discriminating LOL ....... BUT FR IN THE END JUST STAY OUT THE STREETS AND TAKE CARE THEM KIDS MONEY OR THEM NIGGAZ / HOES NOT WORTH THE TIME SPECIALLY IF YOU A STAND UP ONE

Only thing in this entire world that’ll put fear in my heart or scare me is God Giving up on me

2k a shot 🏀 it was good pape on the floor last night about a hunned or better in that bitch 💵

That’s crazy @4everkmarie said she was gonna start doing children books just so the kids can see they selves on a book 😒 I thought shit was sweet until them bitches arrived at the door this shit is amazing I don’t a lot of shit but to see her write a book and actually get it published is amazing and she did with no HELP ! from me or nobody just motivation from the kids I do want my percentage from that line I blessed you with tho 😈🤫 @4everkmarie and congratulations I love you #BlackkEntrepreneurs

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