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Starting the dialogue about physical activity and mental health!! •

Today I had the honour to speak on the CKWS morning show about the power of physical activity to improve mental health. This was to share information about the upcoming ELEVATE event with Margerat Trudeau where we are opening the dialogue about all things mental health. •

Physical and emotional health are intertwined and we always need to acknowledge how one affects the other. I can’t wait for this event! If you haven’t gotten your tickets you should do that! •

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Learning some graphesthesia training to address persistent pain patterns! So many pieces to the chronic pain puzzle. #wyoming #wpta #physicaltherapy #continuingeducation #pain #chronicpain #learn #getbetter #lowbackpain #ptlife

Awesome time in Blacksburg, VA as Jason Lunden taught REHABILITATION OF THE INJURED RUNNER 🏃‍♀️

The Internationale Lumbopelvic Symposium in Sao Paulo is a wrap! An impeccably organized event with some of the leading speakers and researchers in the world. The hospitality was as good as the content!

While we have 4 courses going on across the country (and world with @jeffmooredpt in Brazil), ICE faculty member @christina_prevett is heading to the Canadian Weightlifting Nationals, competing today at 3PM EST. Good luck Christina!

Great looking room down here in Sao Paulo, we are excited to have @jeffmooredpt presenting alongside Dr. Hancock, Dr. Costa, and many other globally renowned leaders of our profession!

We are super pumped for ICE faculty @christina_prevett to compete as part of Team Ontario at Canadian Nationals this weekend!! Awesome to watch her put in the work and see it pay off. GOOD LUCK Christina!!

We had a heck of a weekend in Santa Barbara! Big thanks to the crew at Hayashida Physical Therapy for hosting, looking forward to many more courses at this location!

Check out this month's #JOSPT for a piece on the opioid epidemic written by @jeffmooredpt @timothywflynn and @pmintkendpt !

If we aren’t assessing athletes moving with load, fatigued, or under stress then we aren’t getting the full picture!
ICE instructor @thebarbellphysio demonstrating how movement can change as an athlete (Zach) fatigues under load.
Notice the change in bar path during his third rep.
If you are wanting to come alongside the fitness athletes in your community, you need to be able to analyze them performing the loaded movements they perform in their workouts. Learn how in ICE’s Fitness Athlete courses!

With 40 people in the room, it was tail to toosh, rear to rump, but we still got those thoracic manips in! some chill time with Mr Abe Lincoln himself ;) Big thanks to @athletico_pt for having us!#physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #continuingeducation #getbetter #chicago #athletico #PTrules #ptlife #patientfirst #sportsmedicine #spine #lowbackpain #neckpain #healthyhappy #exercise #healthcare

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