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GUNNAR FREYR  Photographer Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots

Even if it might look like it from afar, life doesn't always go in a straight line. #iceland

A place in the highlands. #iceland

Sitting in the wilderness, just enjoying the playfulness and goofy character of the seals is an experience that easily makes you forget about the worries and chores of modern day life. Forget about the long to-do lists, about the phone in the pocket buzzing with new information - and all the stress that comes with trying to stay on top of everyday life. Personally, I love nature for it's raw innocence and for always being just what it is; natural! We need nature, but nature doesn't necessarily need us - which means we must do what we can to take good care of it and intrude as little as possible while still being able to enjoy the treasures found all around us. #iceland

There are so many amazing places to visit in Iceland - and more and more people understandably want to explore them. However in recent times, an increasing number of people end up getting hurt in the unforgiving Icelandic nature. Remember to keep to the path folks, show respect for nature and follow advice of the locals ✌️#iceland

Arctic fox roaming the summer landscape. #iceland

On a cold summer day like this, I'm doing a bit of winter reminiscing. The snowy landscapes seem so far away but before we know it, it will be time for a winter whiteout again. Winter is coming anyone? 😜 #iceland

The wild bunch.
Watching this pack of Arctic Fox cups play in the misty highlands has got to be one of the most incredible wildlife experiences I have ever had. Thanks @westtours and @haukursigurdsson for taking me there. #iceland

Every day I'm grateful for living in a country with such endless beauty. What are you feeling grateful for?

Lonely roads of the Westfjords. #iceland

Just back from a trip with @westtours to Hornstrandir, exploring one of the last truly wild frontiers in Iceland. It's a landscape featuring an endless number of shades of green. It's a place where the fox roams wild and where the animals have a different type of curiosity, due to their lack of human interference. #iceland

Hey there Peanut. #iceland

Take the path less travelled...well as long as you stick to the roads that is 🤣🤣

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