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GUNNAR FREYR  Creative Entrepreneur Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots Check out our incredible Silent Arctic Workshop👇🏻

Tones of the West.
It’s only end April and already now there’s an abundance of light! Especially in the Westfjords where the light lasts more than 10 minutes longer than in Reykjavik. Its such a stark contrast to the deep of winter, which was only just a few months ago - and it’s a really nice feeling loading up on all of that daylight. (even if I’m missing that moody weather badly - don’t tell all the tourists who are cheering about the great weather 🤫 !). Anyhow, summer literally feels just around the corner! 🤘😎#iceland

Hanging out in the Westfjord dreaming of arctic foxes. #iceland

Earth Day 2018 - End Plastic Pollution.
OK things are getting real. Our oceans are more polluted than ever, whales are washing up on shore filled with plastic - and it even turns out that plastic particles can pollute the very air we breathe. It’s time to act! We need to make a change now. I highly encourage you all to visit and to learn more and make a donation to help save the planet from being destroyed by our plastic behaviours! Link in bio and on stories.

Today is the first day of summer in Iceland. At least according to the calendar 😉Temperatures are still pretty low but it’s starting to turn a little green here and there. The most amazing thing is however that the daylight has gotten so long and at 9 PM there’s still plenty of light left . In just a few weeks - these little guys will be returning - and I can’t wait! #iceland

Goodbye winter!! Tomorrow, is the first day of summer. Yeah you got that right. The official summer season starts tomorrow in Iceland, 19 April, and we all love it. Jackets off, summer shorts are on! 🤨 #Iceland thanks for the click @joe_shutter

Just about now, the Arctic fox cups - known as yrðlingar are being born. But it’s not until a few weeks from now that you can see them out in the wild. Can’t wait! #iceland

It’s not difficult to see why Iceland changes people’s lives. #iceland

Adventure is in the air. Very stoked about life these days - can’t wait to share some exciting stuff with you guys shortly. #iceland

Alright spring, bring it on 🤘#iceland

Wild spirits #horsesoficeland #iceland

Epic encounters. Surrounding yourself with inspiring and positive people is one of the most important things to stay creative and constantly pushing further. #iceland

Icebergs are some of the natural structures that fascinate me the most. Each iceberg only exists once - and at any given moment they are changing. The iceberg captured on photo will never return nor be the same again. #iceland

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