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GUNNAR FREYR  Photographer is just a word. Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots

Last minute spot - Horizons workshop.
We just had a last minute cancellation for the Horizons workshop due to unfortunate events and therefore have 1 open spot. The workshop starts tomorrow in Reykjavik 9AM and lasts until Tuesday 22.08. Anybody want to join us? Send me a message if you want to secure the spot ✌️#iceland

One last look of goodbye before takeoff for the season. See you next summer puffin✌️ #iceland

The piggy.
Makes you want to eat more bacon right? Well not really actually! I've been thinking for several years about how we as consumers have become increasingly detached from nature and have very little awareness of the casualties that we are causing by our purchases and consumption, be it livestock or nature. I feel that modern society has created an unhealthy detachment from nature and seeing these little piggies roaming out in the open, in beautiful surroundings, pierces through my heart. It reminds me of how most livestock lives today - inside, sometimes in questionable conditions, never seeing the daylight. I think we all should pay more attention to the purchases we do on a daily basis, and try to get as close to the source as possible so we can understand the footprint we cause. I'll definitely try harder - and spending time here in East Iceland, where there is great access to local produce, has really opened my eyes to how things can be done differently. #iceland

Discovering new parts of the Eastern parts of Iceland. This particular canyon has a special place in my heart as it shares the name of one of my favorite canyons in the Southern Highlands. #iceland

We're used to flying planes above the clouds, but taking the Landie high above was a totally new experience. #iceland

Fury. #iceland

Meet Peanuts brother - Walnut. He's just a bunny. #iceland

Roaming in the wild, sheep are the real masters of the road. As if the human presence didn't matter to them at all, whatsoever. I love their "I couldn't care less" attitude when they look at me passing by in the remote areas.
Could probably learn quite a bit in that department from the sheep friends :) #selfimprovement #iceland

In love with these colors of the distant cliffs in the east.

Green is life. Hidden in a cave grows the little fern. What a beautiful way to experience the summer season, so full of life in all forms #iceland

Roaming through the mist.
I recently traveled far to photograph the Arctic Fox in the wild nature - but upon arrival, I was greeted with a thick layer of fog, that enshrouded everything. The meeting turned into a nearly mystical experience and gave a totally new perspective on this magical creature. #iceland

Truly stunning views from the mountain peaks in the east. #iceland

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