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GUNNAR FREYR  Photographer is just a word. Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots


Hi. I’m Gunnar Freyr. Thanks for following my adventures around Iceland and other cold places. Many of you know me - but as the profile grows, there are also many of you who don’t. So, I thought I’d share a quick word about myself. I haven’t always lived the adventurous life that I do today. Before all of that, I had grown up as an Icelander living in Denmark. I studied business and accounting and later worked at a large multinational consulting and auditing firm. You might ask, why would anyone ever do that? Well, ask an accountant 😊 In my case, it comes from a lifelong habit of sticking to the safe choices and always trying to do the most reasonable thing. Then one day, I realised that going against my own true nature wasn’t a reasonable at all. So, I quit. Slowly I managed to turn my passion for Iceland, exploration and photography into a lifestyle - one that would pay the bills and allow me to follow my passion. But it’s not always easy either. On a constant basis, I’m doing things that I have never done before, always staying on the edge of the comfort zone (outer edge that is), putting my name and reputation on the line – most of the times it goes well – and in the end, it turns out that I’m often my own worst enemy. Being able to create a new industry, one that didn’t exist just a few years ago, is probably one of the things that drive me the most, together with that immense feeling and desire for exploring places that blow me away. I’m also pretty hooked on creating something that I can show to the world. I don’t have any pets, even though I always wanted a dog. I have a girlfriend and nearly 1 year old son. They are the most important treasures in my life. I try to take them along my adventures whenever an opportunity allows for it. For now, I’m primarily focused on my home country Iceland – a place that I feel holds the perfect balance between quality of life and proximity to adventure, something you won’t find many places in the world. Maybe I'll branch out one day. I’m very grateful to all of you who follow me and for all your amazing support – I had never thought it would be possible to have such kind and inspiring followers! #iceland

Definitely missing Greenland these days. Thanks for the adventure @northsailing and @nickbondarev #greenland

Welcome to sheep express highway. No need for carpooling. And if you want to overtake, all you need to do is jump 😁. #iceland

It's a strange world. #iceland

Cloud control #iceland

House goals? I think so. Meanwhile I'm here in the US, far far away from this dreamy landscape 😍#Iceland

A - Ö.
Just like the Icelandic language, every part of Iceland remains uniquely special - whether it’s the South, North, East or West, there are so many unique traits, making them entire different from anywhere else in the world. I recently went to the Icelandic Westfjords with @InspiredbyIceland to explore this remarkable and at times magical part of the country. It’s a very special place - and where the people, landscape and culture speaks to me like few other places do - and it is what always keeps wanting to come back for more. That, and the whales and arctic foxes of course 😄 If you want to see more of the different parts of Iceland, and at the same time put your Icelandic skills to the test, then you should watch their newest A to Ö karaoke song. It's supposed to be the hardest in the world, but then again, is Icelandic language really that difficult? 😜#Iceland #Inspiredbyiceland #Icelandicpledge

Melrakki - workshop alert!
Ready for an adventure? 
Due to unforeseen events, one spot has opened up on the photography workshop taking place November 14th - 19th.
Act fast the spot might just be yours. 
Submit application via link in bio and join myself and @joe_shutter for this epic journey in the most magical lands of them all #iceland

They say it's a family thing. #iceland

Can you ever really have too many icebergs in your life? Here's Donna Wood from @northsailing adding a bit of scale to these incredible and ever changing structures of nature. #greenland

Celebration of love. I've recently been having the great privilege of photographing beautiful couples for both engagement and anniversary photo shoots. I've been lucky to spend the days with these incredible people, working closely together in order to photograph the essence of the love that they share for one another. If you're interested in heading out with me on an engagement shoot, for a day filled with adventure,then send please submit a form on my website. Needless to say it's not cheap, but in return, but in return, I strive to create an experience that you together will remember for the rest of your lives - and hopefully some beautiful photos to prove it. It's as much about the experience as it is about the photos that we create together. ✌️#iceland

New favorite outdoor activity - hover above the clouds. #iceland

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