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icee 🖖🏽  • sweet she rocks and sweet she rolls • 💬🎈

5•23•2018 so you agree? you think you’re really pretty? 🧠 #onwednesdayswewearpink

5•22•2018 les poissons, les poissons... my favorite nyc carousel 🧜🏼‍♀️🐠🐚 #herefishyfishy

5•21•2018 stairs otw to stare at some wavy art, brb 🍭
• ultrafragola mirror and shiva flower vase by @ettoresottsass (utterly in love with the vase 😏);
• 54 arm lamp by @gaetano.pesce 🕯;
@raquelcayre’s skate deck collection which includes @takashipom 🌼 ...raquel’s dreamhouse turned into @iceeandthecity’s dreamhouse 🍬 📽: @erisabalvoro
#raquelsdreamhouse #dontmindifido

mans on w 32nd st: ‘scuse me, do you speak english?

me: yes, but i don’t have time.

mans: fckUbtch!!! 📌

#byelingual #newyorkcitygirlswillkillyou

5•20•2018 all these dots and we still can’t connect 🥨 • colour space • #damienhirst

5•20•2018 when @takashipom said, “i always have stress, it’s not funny.”, i felteth that 🌼 • heads ⇔ heads • #takashimurakami

5•20•2018 run, whirlwind run, further and further away, into the sun #️⃣#danflavin

5•19•2018 in the bag like meghan markle 🧘🏽‍♀️ • plastic trees • #pascalmarthinetayou

5•19•2018 🎶🌶 it’s naan of my business, it’s naan of my business 🌶🎶

stars don't disappear, they keep blazing
even when the night is over
and i will still be here, stargazing 💫

thank you, kyrre gørvell-dahll. from ‘chella to dc, we’ve been meteoric ※

#kidsinlove 💟

5•13•2018 i took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: i am, i am, i am. | #sylviaplath ⚗️

5•6•2018 i had the sweetest and most unforgettable summers with you. may used to be my favorite month because that’s when nanay would send @ireleelikegoingplaces and i to tayabas to spend the entire summer break. you used to say “pag tumawa yan, may katipan na” (if you smile and giggle, you already have a boyfriend), and we always fell for it. you used to tell us if we stopped fighting (which happened about 8x a day) and took naps, you would take us to your school workplace on your scooter, where you let us play teacher/student. the 3 of us would ride to town, relee in front and i would be in the back with our helmets on. you would take us to the local town fiesta, where you bought us all the snacks and trinkets we want. binanging saging, sweet potatoes, pancit, palayok and little tea sets, always reminding us to share. everyone in town knew you, they knew about you. you would let us play under the sun, climb trees and run barefoot until we get tanned and tired. you would let us name all your pigs in the backyard. when the night falls, you would gather all the cousins at the “rambol hut” to make fake stunner sunglasses out of leaves and nail polishes out of flowers, all while telling us scary stories of our great grands with sound effects (“pakatik, pakatik”) and facial expressions of a true storyteller. every now and then my asthma and allergies would attack during ungodly hours, so you gingerly added pillows, piled tissues on my side and put vicks on me and i would immediately feel better, ready for another day of making simple memories with you. you taught these 2 little girls from the city to be humble, be kind to one another, always remember to pray and stay close to the Most High as possible. i am glad that we got to see the flower fields together for the last time; and that i had the chance to hug and tell you i love you. i will surely miss our scooter rides in tayabas and morning walks in san diego, tatay bernie. i know it’s nice where you are, i know the sun shines and it will always be a beautiful day. thank you for everything. i love you, love you, love you eternally | 06:31h #foreversummer #abaruray ✨♥️🌞🐷🍃🛵🏇🏻🌬🦋💐👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👼🏻

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