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icee 🖖🏽  visual narrative mnl by birth • dmv by zip code • nyc by heart sweet she rocks and sweet she rolls 💬🎈🌪

“didn’t you go to high point?” • “you look like you’re from parkdale high.” • “albert einstein?! you were friends with this girl i know.” • “oxon hill high? nah?” • “i could’ve sworn i took accounting classes with you at georgetown.” • “lml foreign where???” • “oh ok so you foreign foreign.” • know what, y’all right. here go my school pictures 👩🏻‍🏫📚📝🌏👩🏻‍🎓😂 #foreignforeign ••• 📷: @rj.machismo

of freedom and of pleasure
nothing ever lasts forever
everybody wants to rule the world 🌏
••• 📷: @rj.machismo

9•17•2018 i can yell at you but what's the use? 💬
••• 📷: @rj.machismo

9•13•2018 i be annoyed and he call it feisty 🎆 #icey

9•12•2018 when you were born and bred in the tried and tested philippine archipelago so you posted up for florence like 🌪⚡️🌊🔮 #changeituphc

9•11•2018 i'm so fitted i'm on gucci i'm so pretty 🚰

9•11•2018 can’t f/w the zhao wei 赵薇 to my shu qi 舒淇 ⚔️ #soclose #aggasidsisters

9•8•2018 to all the bears i still love... thank yaa for rim lighting ya girl 💡 #brownlinefriends

9•8•2018 everybody has an addiction. mine happens to be you ☕️ | playtime • #thomasbayrle

9•8•2018 in 3rd grade my music teacher made each one of us sing solo in front of the class as our final exam. i am the type of asian who never did and will never do karaoke even after 8 tequila shots and the type to only sing in the shower and lonely car rides, so to pick the song “you are not alone” by the king was really extra bold and hopeful. i don’t remember how it went, i tuned that part out of my memory 😂 • 🎨: @kobrastreetart #kobra

9•6•2018 i say “i don’t know” most of the time but trust me... i be knowin 🙃 • times square mood series by @jessetogo x @fujifilm_northamerica 🍒#pinkhairdontcare

9•5•2018 he flew from denver and i drove up north 4 hours to spend 12 hours together and do this 15 year old headass pose. i despise times square with a passion but i love this human 🐷🐷 #forever18

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