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Ice Marrow  Make sure to Go check out IceT.com For all New Merch Follow me on SnapπŸ‘»=IceTMarrow


I feel honored to help amd show positive support for the kids.

I swear me and my pops are best friends it cracks me up how much I bring the kid out in him lol happy early Father's Day to my pops @icet Talking to him on FaceTime and u know he's gotta show me some of his new Toys lol 44Bear Gun #ILoveYouPops #LikeFatherLikeSon #WestCoastRoyalty #ArtOfRapTour2017 #DontFuckWithTheMarrowsLol

The Grind Doesn't stop over here 5 AM Pressing Rosin Before I leave to Vegas For the Art of Rap Tour I'm about to fuck Vegas up this weekend get ready if u follow me on snapchat πŸ‘» IceTMarrow #squishlife #PlayingWithFire #DrClawFarms

Big S/O to my bro @playboicarti for hitting that 1 Million Club he pulled up on me in the trap with those exclusive Not even on the streets yet Calabasas Edition Adidas πŸ’°πŸ”ŒπŸ’ͺ🏽πŸͺπŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #NewYeezy #MagnoliaGoingPlatinum #AllMyNiggasGettingThatBagOverHere #100PackGang #DrClawFarms

Ok I'm done now lol I just can't with her lil face its crazy how she already knows who her big brother is and smiles from ear to ear when we are together or on FaceTime I swear I would kill for this lil girl no one better ever fuck with her or its over and I mean that shit 😊😍 @babychanelnicole

Lil sis @babychanelnicole on FaceTime Showing me she can walk all on her own now lol #ProudBigBrother #MyWorld #TheMarrowEmpire

On FaceTime with my lil sis @babychanelnicole I swear she is my whole world rite now get ready for a overload of pictures I'm about to flood your timeline lol can't wait to see her in Vegas this Saturday

Got the vanilla joints tap in I got the Plugg if u want those exotic BacWoods #RareWoods

Doing a Lil Jewelry shopping πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

Going thru some old pics and forgot I had this throw back with the big homie @meekmill and my pops @icet rite before we went on stage at the Jimmy Kimmel

Fuck niggas hating it's ok let them hate all my OGs been telling me slow down don't let them know your getting money young nigga but fuck that this is for motivational use only I worked my ass off for evrything I have rite now I never took a hand out from my pops so stop thinking I'm just your regular celeb kid I'm a fucking business man im not even going to Australia because I would rather stay in the trap and work #GodBlessAllMyTrapNiggas #ImNotTheSameKidFromTwoYearsAgoLolImOnAWholeNotherLevelDiffentTaxBracetLilNiggasLol #AnyPersonYouSeeMeWithIfFamilyWeBrothersOverHere #Magnolia #PRE #DrClawFarms #ExoticLARentals #DontHatejustLivingMyLifrIBeenThruAlotOfShitamdIDeserveToLetLooseALil #BetterHoldYpuGirlTightCuzImSavagmodeRiteNoeAnythingiWantImaGetIt #ComeTryMeAndMeetMyLilBrotherFN57

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