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Isaac Budmen  Home of Industrial Imagination™ Made in USA 🇺🇸


Throwback to #3Dscanning Picasso's 1909 sculpture Woman's Head (Fernande) at the @tate // this sculpture is popular enough that I've scanned two different casts of it: this version in London and a another one here in the USA at @metmuseum. Could be fun to do a side by side comparison to see if there are any differences! #tbt #Picasso #tatemodern #sculpture #3Dprinting

Surveying surfaces in multiple mediums - the smooth shape of the World's First Scanvenir makes the #purrfect creative canvas for experiments with new materials and techniques #Budmen #scanvenir #catsagram

The spark of an idea, the flash of original thought, can trigger a powerful cycle of action and reaction as it gains momentum. It starts small then quickly develops many facets, flowing out into the world with abounding energy and relentless fervor. This is the "Ignition Pendant" a small bronze piece symbolizing that moment when an idea begins to erupt. Available on Budmen.com // #3Dprint #geometric #minimalism

To the naked eye there is a clear separation between our fingers and the air. However look through a sub-atomic microscope and our electrons and the atmospheres are all shared. Where we end and the environment begins it is almost impossible to tell. At that level of perception a subject is wholly connected to all that exists around it. This is the 'Connections Pendant' a solid brass piece of jewelry to inspire ideas about what solid really means. Available on the Budmen Store // #connections #3dprint

Having a hard time jumpstarting your day? Grab a terrific tasting mug of HOT BEAN WATER - the delicious drink that will perk you up! Brought to from the folks at the Computational Coffee Company, a silly subsidiary of Budmen Industries. Mugs and posters available on Budmen.com #coffee #hotbeanwater #itwillperkyouup

Our electric employees are working on some big things here in the workshop -- hand for scale #3Dprint #robots #usa #🇺🇸

Electric Employee pop portrait // Who knew DUDLEE 🤖 would look so good in technicolor? Find Dudlee - the Delightful Universal Daily Living Electric Employee - and other #PossiblePresent products and projects on Budmen.com

Floating on the wind high above the world, the Cloud Factory sits. Whirling and whooshing as it breaths in the slivers of once mighty cumuli, these proud giants are returned to their purest elements. In the belly of the factory, clouds are born. At first, just a mist. A vapor as it moves across the station. It quickly becomes something more. CLOUD FACTORY is available as a collectable conceptual model, a replica of the original work that has been featured in the London Science Museum. This 12 inch sculpture makes a perfect addition to any atmosphere. Made in the U.S.A. and available exclusively in the Budmen Store. #Budmen #CloudFactory #PossiblePresent

Monday on my mind // Figuring out how to #3Dprint a life size model from MRI data was exactly the kind of Possible Present project we love. What is the #PossiblePresent? It's our phrase for the incredible ideas humanity can realize right now. Have a unique idea or challenge you'd like us to take a whack at? Get in touch! #Budmen #Brain #lostmymind #foundit

Disassembled DUDLEE - the Delightful Universal Daily Living Electric Employee 🤖 happy to help with all your household needs adopt a DUDLEE and live in tomorrow today! #Budmen #ElectricEmployee

Box of Busties ready to go! These personalized plastic portraits are off to occupy the homes of their human counterparts. Next time the #BustieBooth is in town be sure to stop by to get your #3Dselfie made! For more information on busties, scanvenirs and all of our Possible Present products visit Budmen.com #3Dprint #selfie #selfies

Piles of PCBs // the building blocks of our era, little 'letric panels like these facilitate the connections, communications and capabilities of our digital tools. Any of you makers out there recognize these boards? Our robotisans love em 🤖

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