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İbrahim Çelikkol Fan Club  Opening Date: 22/4/2015 Turkish actor 💫✨🌟 Greek female admin: Vicky 🌞❤ Ibrahim is the bright side of my life ❤🌞 ✌🎉 FOLLOWED BY IBRAHIM 🎉✌

Revealing some information about their relationship was something I have done in the past and no one complained about. What happened now? revealing my experience with their relationship shows disrespect to him ? Know that I respect him and his family more than you.. some of you... who humiliate and insult him and his family long time now..
CELIKKOLOGY 12th topic:"New life" 💑
This photo was so adventurous.. some people thought that Mihre was Fahriye Evcen while the two relationships were known...😝
*Kendinizi evlilige ne kadar yakin hissediyorsunuz?
İBRAHİM ÇELİKKOL: Butun insanlar kadar yakin hissediyorum. Zamanini kim ne kadar bilemiyorsa, ben de bilemiyorum.
*Zamanin geldigini nasil bileceksiniz? O bir his mi?
İBRAHİM ÇELİKKOL: O bir his degil. O senin onune gelir zaten.
*How close to the marriage do you feel?
IBRAHIM CELIKKOL: I feel as close as everyone. No one knows when it is the right time for marriage. Neither I know.
*How will you know that the right time has come? By intuition?
This is not an intuition. It is already in front of you.

CELIKKOLOGY 12th topic:"New life" 💑
1st of April 2017 Ibrahim engaged to Mihre and many people were surprised seeing the photo he posted the next day on his account and when news started spread. It was a close simple ceremony in Mihre's homeland Fatsa , where Ibrahim asked Mihre from her father and they got engaged. 💍💑

CELIKKOLOGY 12th topic:"New life" 💑
Their relationship has started in 2015 but I think they have met long ago. There was a friendship.. I suppose.. before a relationship begins.
Here are some shots of Ibrahim and Mihre in the same place -maybe not at the same time- when they were together. Photos came to me by research while their relationship was secret. All of them in 2015.

CELIKKOLIGY 12th topic:"New life" 💑
The personal life of a famous always draws the attention. Is there a woman in Ibrahim Celikkol's life?
The first sign was the 1st photo. March 2015...That period Ibrahim was around Canakkale were he was shooting a mini historical series..A girl was with him in the same table. Ibrahim has many friends.men and women, so I was not sure..
The second sign was the 2nd photo .April 2015...Ibrahim posted it on his account and he deleted it right away.. I saved it. He was coming back to Istanbul after a break from the shootings and the same girl was with him.
The second sign was the 3rd photo. July 2015..That day Ibrahim followed an account. I did what the most of us do. I saw what was this account he followed and I saw these photos. The same girl was with him after his vacations in Mugla. Then I was sure. I had seen his girlfriend while people were wondering if he has a girlfriend and while the yellow press was publishing nonsense that he is stuck in his previous relationship. 😂😂
I knew that but I haven't posted ever anything about it.. Then somehow I was informed her name because some others were more curious than me. I met with photos (4th photo) November 2015...showing that they were together.. It was so normal a woman to be in the life of such a man. Why people must see faces to be convinced ? Ibrahim revealed it the right time. He made it known when he engaged to her.
The 5th photo was the last proof. A photo posted by his sister. April 2016 .. More people were sure.
Mihre was going with him in the shooting of Kordugum (6th photo) where Ibrahim was playing that period. It was so normal. Mihre was interested in his work. She was interested in the way of shooting.
He wanted to be with him.. to be next to him. I would do the same. 😉😉😉
Then a break up followed... for a short period but after the summer of 2016 they were again together. End of 2016 (7th photo) and happy faces were celebrating in Alacati. The first pictures showing that Mihre was again in his life.. with a ring on her finger showing that there was a proposal.

CELIKKOLOGY 12th topic:"New life" 💑
Mihre Mutlu ,a daily simple smiling beautiful girl, fell in love with @ibrahimcelikkol41 and was found on the spotlight because of her marriage to him.
Who is Mihre Mutlu?
Here is her Bio (a part of it comes from Linkedin) and photos with her parents, her sister and her brother.. 💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑
Who is Mihre Mutlu----Bio
Mihre Mutlu was born in March, 27. She is the second child of Eftal and Seniye Mutlu. She has an older sister, Zale and a younger brother, Alp. She has studied architecture in Yeditepe University the period 2008-2010 and graduated from Bahcesehir Universsity from the Architecture Field in 2014. During her studies she worked in various companies. She worked at Han Construction as part time architect and at Ali Turker Product as an architect for a short period. In 2015 she worked for a period of 6 months in the Construction Company of Serkan Yapi and in Mars Cinema Group for a period of 6 months until January 2016. Now she is working as a freelance architect.
Ibrahim has said
"The ideal woman for me must be sincere, cheerful, self-confident"
I think he has found the type of the woman he wanted ✌✌✌

Good morning🙋 time for lesson 📚 a lesson that we'll enjoy very much since it is referred to @ibrahimcelikkol41 own family, his new life, the life with Mihre🌹
Let's begin
CELIKKOLOGY 12th topic:" New life" 💑
**When Mihre had posted this photo in her account I didn't repost it, this photo was missing.. so here it is...

First time seen photo
İlk görülmüş
#tb 25/2/2015 @ibrahimcelikkol41 ❤ night out with friends

First time seen photo
İlk görülmüş
#tb 2/5/2011 @ibrahimcelikkol41 ❤ on Set.... shooting the series Karadağlar

First time seen photo
İlk görülmüs
#tb 13/5/2015 and @ ibrahimcelikkol41 's friend is so happy to see him back to Kazdaglar

First time seen photo
İlk görülmüş
#tb 17.8.2013 @ibrahimcelikkol41 ❤💪 on "Sadece Sen" film Set ..shooting the punching scene

Free Sunday yesterday and free Monday today sharing old photos of @ibrahimcelikkol41 that I newly found. I searched deeper and even deeper..😉 I know , you like old photos as much as I like 😉
So.....a new bunch of old photos
First time seen photo
ilk görülmüş
#tb 27/11/2017 @ibrahimcelikkol41 ❤ on #SiyahBeyazAşk Set before or after shooting

After a very beautiful Sunday let's hope for a very beautiful week 🙏🙏 Wish a beautiful day 🌹🌹🌹🌹 to you and to the most beautiful man in the world @ibrahimcelikkol41 😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚
Searching Ibrahim's interviews for our next topic in CELIKKOLOGY to be done tomorrow , what I found... take a look.
ROPORTAJ / SABAH 16/3/2014
*Dengenizi ne bozar?
İBRAHİM ÇELİKKOL: Saygısızlık herhalde.
*What disrupts your balances?
IBRAHIM CELIKKOL: I suppose the disrespect / the insult
@ibrahimcelikkol41 I hope you receive next as much as the respect you give ..

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