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Ibrahim Al Rekhais  MD | 56 🌍 | Kuwait

وأخيراً، اكتملت مجلة ٣٦١!
يمكنكم الآن دعم الرحالة العرب! العدد الرسمي الأول من مجلة ٣٦١ جاهز للطباعة ونحن بحاجة لدعمكم من أجل طباعته. كل ما عليكم فعله هو التوجه للرابط https://igg.me/at/361journal واختيار المبلغ الذي تودون تقديمه، ومقابل دعمكم ستنالون مكافأة كما هو محدد بجانب كل مبلغ. او تدخلون اللنك اللي في البايو من حساب @361.world
٣٦١ هي مجلة تسعى لتوثيق قصص الرحالة العرب وخبراتهم بأسلوب صريح وصور مذهلة. وفريق ٣٦١ عمل بجد على مدى شهور طويلة لإتمام هذ العدد، ونحن بانتظاره على أحر من الجمر!
لنطبع هذا العدد معاً! 📖😍
Finally, 361 is HERE!
You can now support journaling the Arab Traveler! The 1st OFFICIAL issue of the 361 Journal is complete, and we need your support to go to print! Just click on the link https://igg.me/at/361journal and choose the amount you want to give, and in return you will receive a reward as indicated next to each amount. Or chick the link in @361.world account
361 is a journal committed to documenting the stories and experiences of the Arab Travelers in candid words and captivating imagery. The team at 361 have been working hard on this issue for many long months, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!
Let’s get 361 to print! 📖😍 #40DAYSOFSUPPORT #361CROWDFUND

Street portrait series - Mosta, Malta.

Multiple portraits of @yemen.now photographers.

Rabat neighborhoods, Malta 🇲🇹

Desert sunset on point ☀️

Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea.

You better stay alert if you're at the korean borders, a.k.a. the korean demilitarized zone (DMZ) 🇰🇷|🇰🇵

The hustle and bustle of metro stations
(Rome, Italy)

02:36 am #Kuwait #Hawally "Do you want any drink? عاوز تشرب ايييه؟" by @ibr1a as part of the #24hourproject #24hr17 #24hr17_Kuwait to support @LesvosSolidarity. For more information please visit @24hourproject. Also, check @everydaykwt for more coverage.

02:40 am #Kuwait #Hawally "I don't sleep in the weekends, I smoke" by @ibr1a as part of the #24hourproject #24hr17 #24hr17_Kuwait to support @LesvosSolidarity. For more information please visit @24hourproject. Also, check @everydaykwt for more coverage.

#Repost @24hourproject
#Kuwait is ready, are you ready for the world's largest Street Photography event? #24HourProject
What: Shoot & share a photo every hour for 24 hours
When: April 1st 2017
Where: In your city
Believing that no human is illegal, this year we are coming together to provide urgently needed relief to REFUGEES by supporting @LesvosSolidarity. A refugee camp run by volunteers providing shelter and hospitality to the most vulnerable humans
To participate please register (free) at www.24hourproject.org for a chance to be reposted, be selected for upcoming exhibits and be included in the project photobook.

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