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Ibi Zoboi  Children's & Young Adult author 📚| AMERICAN STREET, 2017 National Book Award Finalist 🎖| Up next: PRIDE, Sept. 2018 | Haitian-American 🇭🇹

Reppin’ the Latinx/Caribbean author contingent at the inaugural Bronx Book Festival today! @acevedowrites @lilliamr @danieljose1 Along with the amazing founder @sj_fennell! #thebronxisreading @thebronxisreading

Tomorrow! The very first BRONX BOOK FESTIVAL!!! Native New Yorkers remember when the Bronx was burning. Now the Bronx is reading! Thank you to founder @sj_fennell & her tireless team! Follow @thebronxisreading for more information on author line-up & schedule.

Today is Haitian Flag Day! 🇭🇹 Thank you for the shout outs @rebelwomenlit & @hayinas7!
Repost from @hayinas7
Sak Pase!
On this day of May 18th in the Haitian community we celebrate our country’s Flag.
Once marked by compulsory demonstrations of national pride under the dictator François Duvalier, it is now observed as the highlight of an entire month of heritage celebrations for the Haitian diaspora.

Flag Day has been a major holiday in Haiti since 1803, when the revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines tore up a French tricolor and had his goddaughter, Catherine Flon, stitch together the country’s first independent flag. The new banner consisted of just a red and a blue stripe, without the central white stripe of the tricolor. It is said to symbolize the unity of the nation’s people of color, and rejection of its white colonizers.

It was not until Jan. 1, 1804, that Haiti officially declared independence from France, becoming the first free state in the Caribbean liberated and governed by its former slaves. That revolutionary spirit is still a source of national pride and celebration. ✨
So in honor of my heritage I would also like to shoutout to a few Haitian authors:
Edwidge Danticat @edwidgedanticat
Katia D. Ulyss @katiadulysse
Ibi Zoboi @ibizoboi
Roxane Gay @roxanegay74
Lyonel Trouillot
Ida Faubert
Jacques Roumain
Danielle Boursiquot @artistedemina .
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Short vid for @projectlitcomm Book Club! Teachers, consider joining #projectlitcommunity to share book club & literacy best practices & resources. #PRIDEremix

Rainy Saturday morning in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Flatbush. Or Prospect Lefferts according to new neighbors.

‪Love this!!! By @se_joe & hosted by @jessiewoo_
Honored to be among these bright stars! (It’s Haitian Heritage Month & #americanstreet is out in paperback!) 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

We’re at the 3-year mark so time for new glasses! Those teal Prada frames have been good to me. Been wearing glasses since I was 9 so new glasses means new face! Shopping for eyewear is a whole ritual. It takes months to find the right ones. They have to reflect my personality & where I am in life & where I’d like to be in 3-5 years (cause that’s how long I’ll be wearing them). I think these say take me seriously, I have wisdom. I’ll be sending a child to college with these. I’ll have more graying hair & more books out in the world. But the jury’s still out on a funky, colorful pair of frames (check my Instastory 👆🏾). And these are 1 of 3 frames I’ll be ordering. My favorite eyewear spot by far is @seeeyewear. Here at the Brooklyn location. Thank you @seeeyewear!

It me!!! A mood. By the super talented, generous, warm, beautiful @vanessabrantleynewton!Repost from @vanessabrantleynewton Watching beautiful readers today! They were so busy reading didn’t even see me LOL!

Soulful. Funky. Violent. Subversive. Honest. Raw. African. Black. American. Disturbing. Fela Kuti. Scathing. An indictment. #childishgambino #donaldglover #thisisamerica


#AmericanStreet is out in paperback today! Here’s to years & years of new readers discovering Fabiola’s story. 🇭🇹 🗽🌃🐝🐝🐝❤️

Performed a radio dramatization of #AmericanStreet with University of Arkansas English professor J. Bradley Minnick at @npr affiliate @kuaf_radio in Little Rock. Next step is to bring in actors & musicians. Lots of work but lots of fun! Several months to edit & produce. Thank you, Professor Minnick!

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