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— Internet friends  there are 16 of us distance is just a test to see how far we will go for each other ◡̈

I wish i could teleport to you...✈️ - Sara

i love the girls in this squad too much, i can’t wait for that one day we’ll get to meet ❤️
— laura
enjoy this crappy edit lol

I miss you sm!❣️
- Sara

- Sara, Filippa

I love u❣️
|| #internetfriends ||

ღ-first hug
sara & filippa
im so happy for you both
i love you-kira

1st hug<33,
- Sara, Filippa
|| #internetfriends #internetfriendsmeeting ||

As soon as i saw you, i knew an adventure was about to happen.💕 - Sara

the people that make me glad I'm still alive ❤
~ aves (the start is by @jumiigoals )


i promise -kira

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