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Fish n Chips is awesome, spicy tartar sauce too. Did @ebombard catch this fish?

Happy Birthday @captain_kris ! We were really targeting #sandbags 🤣 but got some yellows, we gonna ever fish again? #gradywhite #currentcrew

And the fire melted a copper pipe joint so we have a rain forest. And soon we will have no water in the building. #awesome

When you are recovering from wisdom teeth getting pulled and the building catches on fire. #fml #lit 🔥🔥🔥

First wisdom tooth less than 2 minutes. Second one broke off after a good 40 minutes of trying, so I am now at the oral surgeon for emergency work. #fml the other 2 will be going to the grave with me. 🤕

When you still have a 260 mile drive home from Las Vegas. #monsterenergy #krispykreme

Been living here for 10 months and today is the first day we don't have the scaffold out our windows. Looks very strange. #repairsaredone

And that's a wrap! @globestore_hermosabeach store grand opening is in the books. Need a little work in the morning so bring your A game @tylerstouff

@fishthefreedom coming in with a load and a MOL container ship heading back to China for a different kind of load.

@pappysseafood in #sanpedro looking tasty can you add mignonette to the Oyster plates for the future? #liveacrossthestreet

3 empty #budlight cans, some waterproof tape, 3 hose clamps and the broken exhaust elbow is back to normal. #wegone #ingenuity #yanmar #bertram

This is the captain saying the generator is 'broked'. 3 options apparently.
#1 fix and delayed
#2 new aircraft
#3 canceled
Place your bets #traveljinx I am putting all my chips on #3 #fml

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