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Abbi Messer 

Sorry to bombard you with so much cuteness. 😍😍😍

Fun at Sundance square! We❤️water!!! #fletcherquinn #missingfortworthalready

Giant light bright! @hattietales

I hear him talking in the morning and walk into him like this every day. Haha doesn't that face just melt your heart!? ❤️ #fletcherquinn

Museum fun!

I wanted to post this the day of but I couldn't even form the words I wanted to say. I'm still in awe of this profession I'm entering. To be at the very heart of people's most vulnerable moments in life is humbling. To strive to gain as much knowledge as possible to make educated decisions regarding the best potential outcome for a patient is a huge responsibility but oh so rewarding. To be amidst people of all races, of all walks of life, of all genders, and of all ages and learn from each person is absolutely awesome. To be amazed by the miracles in Medicine and reminded of how powerful and vast my God is, is incredible. To be able to serve and help others every day gives so much purpose in life. There is so much more but this post is getting too long already. Overall, I am so grateful to call myself Dr. Abbi Messer! Praise God for opening doors, placing such encouraging, supportive people around me, and strengthening me daily to keep striving for this dream. Thanks to my new fellow doctor friends, my mentors, my teachers, my friends, my community, my church, and of course, thank you to the most amazing family a girl could ask for. All of you played such an important role in my life and I can't express my gratitude. To my husband, Miles, thank you for walking through this journey with me and putting up with a really exhausted, tired, wife who didn't always get the laundry done or have a clean house, or even find time to spend with you on some of my more challenging days. I feel like you graduated too. I couldn't have done it without you. I love you and hope you're ready for another adventure! College Station bound!!! #doctormesser

New sinks are made for special cousin time! I feel like the expressions on these boys faces caption the pictures so perfectly! Haha. Love seeing them together. ❤️ @shanaemesser

Can a moment be any sweeter? Being Mama is what I've dreamed about forever. Being able to care for this little guy and watch him grow has been the most rewarding time of my life yet. I look back a year ago at Mother's Day when I sat and cried, scared for Fletcher's life, praying that God would allow me to watch this little boys life unfold. I was praying for just one day with him at least. 9 months old and healthy as can be, I am brought to my knees thanking God for the gift of motherhood. Fletcher, you and your 9 months of life have taught me so much and brought me so close to our Father!Your infectious smile and your huge desire to hang out with everyone by lunging out of mom's arms to any stranger that pays you attention just melts my heart with pure joy! Thanks be to God for this Mothers Day. I absolutely love being your Mama.

Can't believe he's growing up so fast!

Had a fun night at Friday on the Green! I'm sad to say that our child is super shy and not friendly at all... (Ha! 😉) He crawled over to these people and played with them for about 15 minutes and had a blast entertaining everyone! Haha

This boy is on the move all the time and gets so proud of himself when he finds new places to pull up on, most recently the back door. It is so fun to watch him grow and learn new things, the shear awe in his eyes when he discovers something new just melts my heart. #stopgrowingup #goingtobewalkingsoon #fletcherquinn

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