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ديشب  Tell the kites He's learning to fly MAV€RI¢K SINS AND BONES LifeProof Rider on the storm


"Let you die far away
Again within the storm
And let the peace prevail".

Oh, moon of Alabama
We now must say goodbye
We've lost our good old mama
And must have whisky, oh, you know why

War cross.

"Is the pain really fructifying?"
Strip off the mask you have been wearing;
Take a breath
And with it take the blazing light in...
Hold out your hand
And feel the mystifying metaphors
Of a world beyond the horizon
Slowly trample your senses...
Let the inebriated drops of agony
Bring to you the ecstasy of delirium;
Or do you fear
It might invoke your demons?
Burn down your paradoxical cage
With the acrid coldness in your soul!
Feel in your heart
The empty flame of stained silences...
What good is a silence
If it can't contain the silences!
Close your eyes now;
Suture them,
If that's what it takes!
But don't you dare let the pain escape!

"When bravery collapses from falling feathers to the last quacks the deaf hears deep inside".
(SGNoteIII) #mobilePhotography

"Strip off your shadows,Saaqi,
And piece by piece,
In the dark of the night,
Burn them to ashes!
Have a drink, here... And I'll show you how to
Turn ashes into gold!"

It's a rampant night again,
The thunderstorm is raging... Hide your metallic goblets and pitchers
And bring to me, in a glass broken,
A drink of mysticism from my Beloveds city...
For your lover can't bear with this
Cruel world anymore!
#Poetry #Occasional #Ibardni #potrait #monochrome #Syria #PrayForSyria #SaveSyria

"The whole story is a choas
Fate is all that weighs
To scrap the wisdom
You kneel to indiscretion"

"A cradle of seclusion
With herds accompanied by
Be it the tenebrous
Or the commence that never sets".
#HDR #MobilePhotography
#Sunset #Landscapes #SamaungMobile

"While Crowing my senses
Spew my screams
Under the sapphire skies
And the lit blooms
Of motley and above
Digging hard rocks
Marking the graves
Of those who never lived
Waiting to layoff
For the 'Summer Calling'
And the dead old remains "
#SelfieStories #Spring #Summercalling #Writing #Occasional

Hardest Workers!
#MobilePhotography #SNoteIII

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