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Got to visit a dear friend that worked alongside me in my business for ten years. I was sad when she retired but happy for her all at the same time. Judy and her husband Glyn are lucky enough to have a house in New Zealand and back home in Australia. Her husbands family descendants settled in New Zealand back in the 1800's and the land has been kept in the family and passed on through generations. So by chance they were escaping the Aussie heat for the cooler weather in their New Zealand home at the same time we stopped by in Auckland. Just 25 minutes drive from Auckland city in Pohuehue we sat on their verandah enjoying this breathtaking view. I had listened to her stories as they built their NZ getaway, but nothing prepared me for what it was truly like. They took us for a little tour around Mahurangi Reserve just five minutes down the road and to a local pub in Puhoi, steeped in history, for lunch. It was magnificent. We learnt quite a bit about the area from Glyn and spent a few hours chatting and laughing with some local cuisine and wine. So glad we got to catch up. Such a pristine area so close to the city. Farm, mountains and sea all rolled into one. Much love Judy and Glyn. X #mahurangi #pohuehue #newzealand #newzealandnatural #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #destinationnz #destinationnewzealand #green #ilovenature #sea🌊 #sea #farm #scenery #views #view

And last one for today Coromandel Cove from an ocean view with Seacave Adventures. Seeing it from the beach is one thing but cruising past it with commentary from Skipper Les was the perfect experience. We left from the jetty at Whitiangi with 12 others and what we saw was ... magic! Thank you @seacaveadventures #seacaveadventures #coromandel #coromandelcove #whitiangi #waikato #destinationnewzealand #destinationnz #purenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandfinds #newzealandadventure #boatride #boatrides #ocean #views #water

We stopped the car and crawled under the little bridge we were about to drive over...and spotted these little falls. No signs, some graffiti under the bridge, a little bit of rock jumping and...Waiau Falls. There's a lot to be said for pulling over wherever and whenever you want. Lucky my travel buddy was up for the undesignated stops hey @valterdg #ilovenewzealand #ilovenz #waterfall #destinationnz #destinationnewzealand #newzealandfinds #newzealandvacations #scenery #purenewzealand #roadside #roadtrip #waiau #newzealandbeauty

And so before we made our journey away from the Waitamo Caves we happened to look at our little map and see that Marakopa Falls were so close by; it had been raining the night before and was still drizzling in the morning, so with the tiniest of detours and a short walk we were standing near these 30m falls. Muddy grounds stopped us from getting any closer, but they were still beautiful from where we stood. Don't miss them if your in the area. #marakopafalls #waterfall #waterfalls #teanga #discovernewzealand #purenewzealand #destinationnewzealand #destinationnz #discover_newzealand #newzealand #newzealandadventure #ilovenature #water #greenlife #green #scenery #ilovenz #ilovenewzealand

Oh damnit one more view from our room in the gorgeous Waitamo Caves Hotel. Haunted or not? Yep, if you read my previous post this is a view from our very special room. Just to give you a hint of the stunning scenery surrounding us (queue mist). Read previous post for more information on some spooky (history?) 😇

Haunted Hotel - tick! Sometimes you have the best stays in the most unexpected of places. We booked this little gem for one night but stayed for two. I decided to do a little research on it because of its age (to the right the original Victorian wing and to the left the Art Deco addition) and what came up ... well let's just say we added something to our bucket list that wasn't on there in the first place. It came up on good ol' Safari as New Zealand's most haunted hotel! To top it off the room we stayed in apparently was one noted to have the most paranormal activity!!! Did it stop us staying another night? Hell no! The spiritual realm must have been happy with us because we loved the place. Friendly staff, top notch food, old world charm and gorgeous views (misty mountain delights). I went photo crazy in here. I grew up in a house full of antiques and on land with views like this. I felt so at home. It didn't seem to put any other travellers off either as it was booked out. I must say a few photos from inside did surprise me with some light anomalies - but I guess that just adds to the adventure. I highly recommend a stay here if you visit the Waitamo Caves (interesting note, this hotel is built on top of some of the deepest caves in the area which are also said to be a sacred burial site for the Maori people). So many corridors and rooms to explore (and some we didn't venture down). This place is even bigger than this photo depicts and oh how grand it must have been in its hey day. Our room was totally renovated as were most of the rooms we popped our head into during cleaning time. The dining hall was stunning. You really need a visit just to take in the scope and grandeur of the 'Waitamo Caves Hotel'. I do have clearer photos but this one covered most of the front and I really wanted to show that - some more photos might come later.

Went to visit some friends on their farm. Not only was it great to catch up (I'd heard so much about their area) - but five minutes up from their property and BAM this view (well a snippet of it). Mahurangi Regional Park. If I had this down the road from me I think exercise might become my thing. Only a 25 minute drive from Auckland too - with @valterdg #explorenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #auckland #mahurangi #destinationnz

When you wake in a little loft beach Bach on Karaka Bay in Glendowie with this view. Ahhhh. Didn't bother sleeping in the loft when the couch views were this good. #explorenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #auckland #glendowie #airbnb #karakabay #destinationnz

New Zealand lamb at its best. We've stayed at a great place in Waitamo - 'The Waitamo Caves Hotel' (it will get a post by itself). But for this one let's just say the dining room 'The Lazy Trout' was old worldly and the food amazing! #explorenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #waitamo #waitamocaveshotel #thelazytrout #destinationnz #food #lamb #dining

At Hahei looking down to Cathedral Cove at Coromandel. We did a boat ride that morning and got to see it at ground level but couldn't miss the sweeping view from this vantage point up high before we made our way to Hot Water Beach. What an amazing view. I don't think I'll ever get sick of New Zealand and the stunning scenery, friendly people and fabulous food. #explorenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #coromandel #naturelover #beachlover #scenery #views #discovernewzealand #destinationnz

Okay - I'll get back to some photos from Coromandel (and many places in between) later but for now I thought I'd post some floral love roadside at Pirongia on our way to Waitamo. We have been having a load of fun. Meeting locals. Staying in places that weren't on our itinerary (some unexpected fun in Thames) and making memories. Life is good. #explorenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #pirongia #naturewalk #naturelover #flowers #ilovenature #roadside #roadtrip

Started off the day with an early morning boat ride with Sea Cave Adventures. This photo was snapped from the boat looking up into Shakespeare Cliff. Stunning. Just one of the many caves skipper Les expertly maneuvered us in to; a personal tour with a small group. It was perfect. Do it! @seacaveadventures #seacaveadventures #explorenewzealand #newzealand #newzealandvacations #purenewzealand #coromandel #whitianga #shakespearecliff #lookingup #nature #naturelovers #cliff