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This girl can sure push the limits, but I love being her dad.

It is fun to see this boy figuring out reading and turning a labor into a joy. Something I need to remember. #Notanexampleofclassicliterature #sonicthehedgehog

Used to make so much fun of my dad and uncle for their snotcicles. "It's just frozen condensation" they'd say. Now I know it really is. No, really.

When that Facebook picture of you resurfaces and gets plastered all over Compassion International for your birthday. Oh, and Shia. I mainly blame @wilsonjl_ and @suzyqco but feel free to out other co-conspirators.

That day a couple of days ago.

I love this girl. She is growing up faster than I realize. She can be a quiet "middle kid" but she always surprises me with how adventurous she is. Keep spreading joy wherever you go girl!

When there's not enough snow for sledding... #futuredriftking #unintendeduse

Happy Thanksgiving!

Get crackin'!

Up, up and away.

Opening day and first time for this little guy. Had a blast.

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