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I've discovered that someone is a daredevil. Maybe two people.

The Joshua Tree tour 2017
#u2 #u2thejoshuatree2017

Such a great show. It is amazing seeing artists using their platform for good. I didn't get enough Edge for my liking though.
#u2 #u2thejoshuatree2017

Mullen and Clayton tearing it up.
#u2 #u2thejoshuatree2017 #larrymullenjr

Top .38% in line for the U2 concert tonight. Now its nap time.

Julie is the best mom. I don't say that lightly. The best mom. Sometimes I try to impress upon our kids just how amazing it is that they have Julie for their mom -- THEIR mom -- and they smile the biggest smile and say, "I know, I love her so much!" And then I realize how thankful I am that they can grow and mature, year after year, in her strong love and just be turning into the best versions of themselves through the support and influence of their awesome mom. Thanks for loving us all so well @juliemjohnson

Tile and shiplap for days.

Coffee and baking is preferable to bears most days of the week. Most.

City curtains

Society through time

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