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Happy Halloween y’all.. I’m buried in #VWars post production and won’t be on the streets tonight! However, to those of you who are: PLEASE be kind. PLEASE be safe. PLEASE be aware that parents are out with their little ones. PLEASE.

Just found this: A season wrap on the Vampire Diaries, maybe Season 3,4or 5 I’m not sure. I took this in the mirror of Damon’s dressing room to remember how warn down I was but smiling- That’s a nebulizer I’m sucking on-shooting pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide into my lungs to keep from collapsing from an infection. Supplements, oxygen chambers flying around like a maniac making a TV show and trying to build companies while building @isfofficial . Be careful. Ambition can be dangerous... I’ve found this image and want to share it. We’ve lost amazing men and women recently who really helped change the world but their bodies perished from the pressure and abuse of running too hard and not taking care of themselves. I’m humbly searching for that balance and I wish you all luck in finding it. Meditation helps, I use transcendental mediation or TM- it’s super easy.
Our kids deserve to grow up not seeing us staring at these little glowing devices in our hands. I hide around corners and under pillows so my little one doesn’t see it... Our babies need us present to teach them and to listen to them. It’s the only way to build a loving and sustainable society. At least that’s what I think- take it or leave it;)

the love of an animal is precious... the love of anything is precious... love itself is precious spread it and the world will get better love is better that money love is better than things just being around a creature, any creature that was tossed out, abused or left for dead and then saved knows nothing but love Thank you for a magical day @boochaces on your magical paradise of a rescue farm thank you my beautiful wife @nikkireed for snapping this awesome photo of me and this kiddo

Bye bye Canada hello USA! We are Wrapped! @vwarsofficial on @netflix is wrapped and I’m editing my ass off today with Geoff my editor. THANK YOU @wheelsup8760 aka WHEELS UP for getting us back and forth across the border so safely for months! I’m so thankful to have you as my partners in the logistics of business! THANK YOU @textronaviation for building these green flying machines! Here are just a few images of the last few months of production- I took very few photos because I had my head buried in production. Wow. What a journey. Thank you all!

Location scouting for @vwarsofficial aka #VWars . Who needs a filter when you have a coyote ass-kicking donkey...?

We are wrapped! #VWars! Thank you Johnathan Mayberry for writing this thing! Thank you Canada!!!!

That’s a wrap on #VWars! Me as @drlutherswannofficial I’m so humbled by the complex abilities of the cast, crew and Producers/Network/Studio of this show. We did it. It’s in the can as they say... Now it’s time for us, as producers to bring it to life in the editing room and digital effects suite. Thank you @netflix and @idwpublishing for this incredible opportunity. We poured our hearts into this. All you have to do as an audience; is watch. Even if you don’t like it ;) I’d like another crack at a SEASON 2. There are so many places to take this story I want another shot. Let me get into the details with our amazing team to make this a hit show; but I’m going to need you to check it out to see if you jive with it. It’s so very relevant to this modern, social, digital, political and emotional landscape that we all find ourselves all navigating and traversing together. To my team: thank you all for your tireless efforts and talent. I’m humbled to lead the charge of this show into the public sphere. Every second of post production and every interview you will be there with me- the work of many hot Sudbury days to freezing Toronto nights. To our audience: I hope we can move you with grounded, nuanced performances and story with the time allotted for us to tell it. We tried. We will keep trying if you can give us the chance. There is an immense amount of TV out there- we hope you our frequency resonates with you.
With immense gratitude to this group and to our audience,
Ian. Here some important handles to follow for more info: @drlutherswannofficial aka Dr. Luther Swann (me). #vwars @vwarsnetflix @vwars @vwarsofficial

Me and this @wheelsup8760 #KingAir350i sky baby/workhorse. My “air” office and the greenest and most efficient plane in the sky. When I was a little boy flying in my uncle’s Cessna I found my love of flying and my love of the sky. I always dreamed of flying around the world and now for my work, I live in the sky. Some are short flights and some long, but they are a great many in number. Mostly to see you all! I’m shooting #VWars right now and I’m so bummed that I missed hanging this week in Florida with my @wheelsup8760 and my @textronaviation family at the #nbaa18 (National Business Aviation Association) @nbaaphotos this year- I WILL make it next year. I can’t wait to see the innovation and artistry of these amazing machines. We have a hard and long road to push in the sustainability realm of aviation both on the business and commercial sides. Revolutionizing efficiency and fuels is the way of the future... it’s a MUST for our planet. I live on this thing so me and my team feel so safe and grateful to @textronaviation for building them and @wheelsup8760 for having such a huge fleet of them- giving us access to move around safely and efficiently.

Wow... just came across this. Damon and Stefan: Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 2 with @paulvedere and getting direction from the amazing @msiega Love and miss these guys.

Impassioned discussions at our fundraiser last night celebrating 5 years of @isfofficial aka The Ian Somerhalder Foundation working alongside this truly powerful organization @connecther which uses filmmaking as a tool to go beyond storytelling and step into activism. The IS Green award we give every year enables these young women to build upon these stories and create actionable change in their communities. Thank you to all of our incredible donors who came to spend the evening with us last night and for supporting our collective mission. And to the beautiful @thechaispotnyc for hosting us and reminding us to slow down over a cup of chai, connecting with one another in this beautiful space you’ve created. Thanks honey aka @nikkireed for snapping this photo for me to use ;)

Directing #Vwars. My happy place. Even with pouring rain and curve ball after curve ball. It’s amazing... thank you @netflix & @idwpublishing for letting me play

Come hang out on the set of VWars with me?!Only 13 days left to ENTER.ENTER NOW;) link in bio it all supports @isfofficial

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