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Get it while it's in season ! #lilindies

U ever get so tired ??? Codeine dreams ! My grill is money !!!

Stole this but I like it !

So I was walking back over to work on my lunch break and this guy was sitting on a bench . I had to say hello . Thanks for taking a couple minutes to meet me !!! @matthensley22

Bill is smart !!!

Hey baby do you like metal ?

My mom drew this picture of me at least 25 years ago ! Just a charcoal sketch . Miss u mom !

Pizza is a gateway drug. !!!

I know I'm a loser listening to Iron Maiden at 5 AM !

Motörhead is playing at house of blues sept 25th. !!!

Proper repost after getting #56 in the mail today ! @navs5000 @lowcardmag

Lakeland , FL in July it's just a little hot !!! @teampainskateparks @titoporrata @mathewscot

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