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Ian Arenas  industrial designer | university tutor | architecture 🇦🇺 sydney smells 📍singapore feels 📷 leica | iphone x • the OCD-ness in me is happy •

My photography game has been looking down, posting after a year in the dumps.. Promises are promises for her.

Asians be like.. ✌️👵🏼👴🏼

Been a bad boy lately, sent to the corner with Leila my Leica in tow..

Is it me or do I see a yummy wholesome honeycomb Crunchie bar goodness..

It's been 3 months since my solo travels to HK and Beijing.. Quite an uphill battle to finally say I'm ready to post my photos due to past circumstantial events. I tell you this, life may feel like you're boxed in but I'm sure the climb isn't insurmountable.. Now to rest my poor head as I popped a vein trying to write something witty for this photo caption, ha.

G'day world, meet Leila my Leica.. Taken and edited by iitchy pancakes, stalker much? @lichipan

A few days stopover in HK and the weather is being a total arse. Can't do my Instagram location shots. So here is a stock photo I took a few months ago when it was dry..

G'day from up above.. The cold and stark feels for this image, just like the bleak weather in Hong Kong today..

Some things are best left untouched. Naked without VSCO, Lightroom. Just raw and keeping it real old school..

So I like to collect boxes. Yes I'm that guy. Bite me..

Like this dude constantly standing precariously to the edge, I need an intervention to save myself from living in HK on Instagram. So this will be my last post, farewell! Back to reality in boring Sydney. In other news, I'll be flying out to HK this Monday for another holiday.. 🙃 Intervention much?

Misses the urban density across Hong Kong Island. Sandwiches himself between two structural poles so he doesn't feel left out..

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