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never taking actual footholds for granite ever again

big large stinky scary 7 bolt lead

turn that frown upside down
@andrewcharlesedman 😎

In physics, the observer effect is the theory that simply observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon. This is often the result of instruments that, by necessity, alter the state of what they measure in some manner. A commonplace example is checking the pressure in an automobile tire; this is difficult to do without letting out some of the air, thus changing the pressure. @freesolofilm @alexhonnold thank you for giving humanity a paradigm shift.

gesloten cirkel x stingray————- submit x. @lights_down_low

better never means better for everyone

antifa ~1940

the longer you look at it the worse it gets

looking forward to rocking out this week

yea whatever happy 303 day, probably one of the few holidaze I care about

my fav cop murder mystery

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