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Ian_David_George  Artist.Father.Nature.Rockslide Gallery. Island blessed

A year ago a car hit Victoria's oldest, most respected freewall @wildfirebakery. For for over 20 years it has been blessed with absloutely incredible art from artists all over the world. The day of the accident our good friend @peterallensper was there to salvage a slab of paint that holds countless memories and endless inspiration in our community. Peter has now left the artifact with myself and my good friend @_phere_ and we are starting the slow process to unearth the gems that are deep within the 100s of layers of streetart... #wildfirebakery #streetart streetartifacts #oldschool #graffiti #islandblessed #paint #spraypaint #archology #geode #paintgeode #layers

Here is a sneak peek into what I have been up to lately. New studio space @rockslide_gallery ! Up next:gallery walls so we can start having shows! (Collabrative decorative work @bradrhadwood @carocaroo and @nasarimba_
#victoriaart #victoria #art #streetart #sculpture #decor #decoration #mural #islandblessed #rockslidegallery

VDub wall has been unlocked! So stoked on how active this magical place is!

Finishing up another massive job with my shipyard family. Its always a time painting ships!

Styles on styles on styles! Trackside Gallery on fire!❤

@carocaroo @bradrhadwood and @nasarimba_ setting up shop for the christening of murals for the new studio!

Thank you @basscoastfest for having me and the homie @ancient_ray. Unreal art everywhere and a true honor to be contributing to this beautiful festival!❤

I recently displayed some commision illustration masters from over the years at an awesome drawing group show @errantartspace. Heres a taste...#drawings #artist #victoriaart #gallery #lettering #islandblessed

TBT. In the early 2000's I spent alot of my days hopping freight trains and hitchhiking around our beautiful country trying to find my place in the world as human and an artist. This photo was taken by @rickindeo around 2004 on top of a moving wheat car somewhere in the Fraser Valley.

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