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Time to celebrate our brothers... #Repost @drivemagazin (@get_repost)
The cover of our 3rd edition back in 2016, featuring @bosundavies, remains one of our favourite covers. Coincidentally, it is also the only edition that has featured a male entrepreneur.

Again, we are not a #entrepreneurwoman only #magazine. It's just that for every 20 #entrepreneurs we discover, 19 are women.

Our focus remains #entrepreneurship male or female. So, after our next edition coming out this August, the following three editions will focus on #entrepreneurman.

Give us your suggestions, what male entrepreneur do you want to see on our cover? Tag someone to tag someone to tag someone. And the above edition is still available for download at www.thedrivemag.com

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Join me and promote Kerry J Classic, @kerryclassic, an upcoming artiste, and his new track #businessman. Kerry's music is uplifting and inspirational. He is sensitive to the fact that music has the potential to trigger one's action either positively or negatively and is one of the many but unheard youths dedicated to being a role model for peers and the younger generation.
● ● ●
In this day of foul lyrics that adults and even children gyrate to, Kerry believes one can still enjoy and dance to good music without it containing bad language.
● ● ●
You can promote Kerry J Classic by doing 3 things.
1. Download his free Businessman track online. 2. Say your honest opinion about it in a post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #kerryjclassic and
3. Recommend to at least 5 friends of yours, asking them to do the same 3 things you did. Follow link in @kerryclassic bio download
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New. From the magazine I edit.
#Repost @drivemagazin (@get_repost)
New edition is live. Aisha Bamidele @aishatemptationsperfumery on the cover. Also in this edition is the award winning Lotanna Ezeogu of @skillstribe
Read their interviews and more in this new edition. Follow link in bio for your free download.
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You didn't ask for it, He provided it because He can and wants to bless you. Whatever challenge you see as a result of your new blessings, remember He knew they will arise, yet He brought the blessings anyway. So trust Him to perfect what He has started!
● ● ● ● ●
Prov.10.22 - The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and He adds no sorrow with it. Hallelujah! ● ● ● ● ●
Soar Effortlessly!
#motivationmonday #godsword
#trustinggod #havefaith #believe #biblestudy #verseoftheday #elevated #victorious #blessedtobeablessing #blessedtoserve #diamondinarough

There's a lot of piled up work to do and I really didn't feel like. So, I set 5 little goals that are necessary to get the ball rolling on the bigger goals, and I am done and happy because had I saddled myself with the responsibility of attacking just one big goal when I don't feel like working, I would have achieved nothing.
#setgoals #selfdiscipline #determination #worknowplaylater #achieveit #entrepreneurlifestyle #naijaentrepreneur #lagosentrepreneur #growyourbusiness #bosslady

Everyday• Is• A• Throw• Back• Day!
Have you ever wondered why you are still on earth when some you know have passed on to glory?

Have you ever wondered where you would be today if Grace hadn't found you?

Did you even know you will be where you are right now, having what you have? ●
Count your blessings. Name them one by one, and it would surprise you what the Lord has done. ●
My life, my story is a testimony of God's goodness. He's been faithful, merciful and gracious.

When I look back and remember, why wouldn't I be completely sold out to Jesus?

It's not just a #throwbackthursday #tbt no. I am throwing it all through my life.Thank You Lord for this gift.
#birthday #godislove #mercy

○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Today, work so hard as if the day's activities will usher in breakthrough tomorrow!
● ■ ● ■
How nice and energizing it would be, if you knew for a fact that if you work so hard today at your task, and accomplish all you penned down for today, that by the time you woke up tomorrow morning, that phone call, or email or that appointment, or contract award etc. would come through. ● ■ ● ■
As long as you toil at it, be ready for that break. Though it tarries, wait for it (and while waiting, work at it), it will not tarry!
● ■ ● ■
Good Morning•Happy New Month•I Am A July Baby!
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Healing ● Mercy ● Cleansing●
As a nation dear Lord, we need it all.
No doubt, strength is not defined by the population of a nation, else, Nigeria would be up there.
When are we going to get it right? Is keeping the people secure so difficult to figure out? Is ensuring road safety and road worthiness of vehicles so difficult?
The lives we lose on a daily basis for one reason or the other is just so sad. How can a victim of the many issues of our land be proud of his heritage?
Help us to get it right, Lord. Let the right issues become top priority in our land. Let the right candidates get tickets to contest. And let the people pick the right leaders. Let us be our brother's keeper and love our neighbours as we love ourselves.
● ● ●
To all the families in mourning, from the recent Plateau killings, to the fire tragedy of yesterday in Lagos; to families whose stories didn't make the news, only God understands your pain. We can only imagine. May He console you and see you through this night period.
#godislove #care #pray #healing #makeadifference

Oya, let's throw it back to school days. I have never been one for taking pictures. Took me a while to start posing for pictures at school.
But I fine sha 😜
On a serious note (please swipe picture to the left), follow link in profile to register for the 5 Days Writing Challenge to improve your writing.
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Are you a business owner on social media? Come, Let's write!
Do you need to
- Overcome bad writing style?
- Get rid of ‘texting English’ and abbreviated words from your writing?
- Communicate perfectly with the right use of punctuation?
- Use correct ‘contractions’ in your writing?
- Use tenses and pronouns perfectly?
Then get on board! The goal is to clean up your written communication in English Language. Take no chances. How well you write matters!
Polish your writing skills to communicate effectively with your audience.
Bad writing, grammatical errors, poorly punctuated writing etc. can put off a lot of people. If you are a business owner who depends on using any form of writing to attract clients or to communicate with your audience, then you should ensure that everyone who reads your message reads it to the end and understands it. .
It is important that you learn to write well because good writing is an important aspect of communication. Apart from the fact that it communicates your message in clarity, it has the power to win you businesses even without meeting people one-on-one.
Follow link in profile to register (and share this post)!
#beprofessional #writewell #communicatewithease #businessgrowth #tips #skills #learn #naijabusinesses #entrepreneur #lagosentrepreneur #abujaentrepreneurs #portharcourtentrepreneur

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