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Wendy Kub  Psychology Ψ Tender heart, tough mind. ✨

And our driver's photography skills on point 💯he directed us to pose like this hahaha (he must've watched too much of 那些年 alr) but so cute hehehe lol 台灣人的人情味搞搞 🙌🏼 #travelwithwenz #我們TAIWAN皮

CRAVING FOR THIS ALREADY omg driver was so good to bring us to this authentic yam ball dessert shaved ice shop at 台中 & even kindly treated us to two bowls of heaven!!!! Best dessert ever idt i can find anything of similar standard to this in sg 😛 toooo goood 😍#travelwithwenz #我們TAIWAN皮

- inserts deep caption - (see previous post 😛) #travelwithwenz

And here's the actual fact behind taking a hipster photo. Ok la I honestly cannot take a proper act cool shot...... I tried HAHAHAH 😂 #behindthescenes #travelwithwenz

Spent 5 seconds of my life only to see it fly away ☹️ hahahahhaha but hey I like how we all look so genuinely hopeful and excited about it!¡?¿!! HAHAHAHA this is so funny to see & the postcard shop made me feel sooooOoOo happy 😌 #suckerforpostcards #travelwithwenz

因為有堅持 所以才有希望 🎐 #travelwithwenz

Another breathtaking view that makes people feel calm and at ease!!! A tad pity it was raining cats and dogs when we were there :-( but def gg back there again (for the superb orh kueh that we went back for a second round + the best peanut ice cream) 😋 #travelwithwenz

Freeedom kingdom?¿ hehehe 🌚 #travelwithwenz

Such a nice 🏛!¡!¡ + brownie points for the soldiers whose duty is to stand still (literally lol) for an hour?!! How even rly hats off to them!!!!! 🙇🏻‍♀️ #travelwithwenz

🏛 中 正 纪 念 堂 🏛 #travelwithwenz

Last of 陽明山 series!!! Rly blessed with such a nice weather on that day ☀️ #travelwithwenz

ze peakkkkk ✨✨ #travelwithwenz

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