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Wendy Kub  Tender heart, tough mind. ✨

Missing the land of sunshines and rainbows 💭🌈☀️🍃🐑

HANDS DOWN to the best ramen "even the water tastes so damn good pls" "lol biased" "lol ya even the exit sign looks perfect" HAHAHHAHAHAA foooOooOdie adventure w @jaimeeez (rhymes yo) HAHAHAHAHA ♥️🥂

Happy 21st birthday Mdm Koh! 🎊 Hehehe hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did ☺️ you're the final one in our group to turn 21st & also the wildest, so you know it's time for you to use protection alr k don't joke ard hor HAHAHAHHAAHA ♥️ (P/S: lets go overseas tgt again soon! & last photo kawaii desu) 😘

A few more hours before you fly off - All da best for CSLC & no send offs so dedi here, but anyway enjoy Taiwan!!! These days are hard to come by so don't sian kkkk see you in 3 weeks time ♥️🙆🏻 台湾小鲜肉不要忘了拍照给我看好吗 😘 台湾香肠吃到饱才回来哦 🌚 HA HA HA

Happy 21st birthday lebff!!!!!! It's such a blessing to be able to witness all your loved ones be by your side during the celebration. It was such a cosy party & I'm so happy b'c you looked so genuinely happy and satisfied!!! ♥️💯🎊 To many more 21 years together 🥂 @xuangub

Dearest Apple, happy (belated) 21st birthday 🤝 When you told me how happy you were, I genuinely wanna let you know that you totally deserve to feel this way & be treated like a queen on your big day 👸🏼Thank you for organizing such a cosy party where I could eat my fill and dabao desserts home (HA HA). Everything else is in the letter so... once again, happy birthday! ♥️🙈 @appleqiuu

Happy (belated) birthday @mosquitoxwz! ✨Hope that you've had a meaningful celebration yesterday 🙃 p/s: wait for the 🐌💌 ok!!¡! Stay tilted; 愛你喲 ♥️

Thx guys for adhering to my gay request - wearing white & blue denim!!! ♥️ HAHAHA never expected y'all to rly come dressed like this omg 💯 frans, had so much fun just chilling and catching up with y'all thank you! ☀️ #wendyturns21 P/S: i feel appreciated although I looked 'disgusted' ok I was genuinely shocked & overwhelmed!!!

It's always a good time with you guys 💃🏻♥️☺️ #wendyturns21

Thank you @zeexelle for always delivering the best service and designing this cake which exceeded my expectation 💯 Finally after 20+ threads of email discussions and me going down to all the nitty gritty details that I'd hoped for on my dessert table, y'all rly nailed it ♥️ As a dessert lover, my guests and I rly enjoyed them! Thank you Elle 🌻🙂 // A big shout out to those who've contributed in any way possible as well 有你们真好!!!!! ♥️#wendyturns21

🌻Finally 21 🌻

Very thankful and blessed to be able to share this wonderful day with all my loved ones! Nothing beats having them witnessing the magical moment where I stepped into adulthood :'-) As I turn 21 today, I hope to be able to remain joyful, grateful, kind and embrace the greater responsibilities and uncertainties that will come along the way 🌼🌿♥️ Thank you everyone!! 🙏🏻 #wendyturns21

And to the most precious bunch of people that I'm beyond grateful for - thank you for rushing everywhere to get my balloons and flowers, setting up the entire place within a short period of time, and entertaining all the guests whether or not you know them! Even a million of thank you wouldn't be able to accurately express my overflowing love for you guys 💯♥️ #wendyturns21

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