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Dashon Wade  Turn your dreams to your lifestyle R/ SC:Dwade3... cowboy nation 🤠

If you could be anything in the world be yourself‼️

Good look @_iyanna don’t kill me I got you ‼️

I Still can't stop crying bro I really wish you where here with us but I no you all over me cuz some day I just want to give up and come up there with you but I no my work not done yet down here why they had to take you come back I give it all up just to see you again I'm going to live it up for you today bro love you and see you when I get there R/.I.P Big Bro I really Miss you bro 5-5-05

Bro you really more then a brother to me words cannot explain it you really gave me my first everything all the way down to my first piece of pussy idk how can I repay you back for everything you ever did.you taught me everything I know about the Game about life 60/40 I can’t imagine my life without you nobody will never understand what we been through and that on Mommy I love you bro and we have many more things to check off the bucket list #R/#💯

Brothers only divide when one is killed #BityTalk#R/#tbh

Everybody wants to be a king but forgot the deck still got aces in it #♠️ #💯

Hated by many loved by Moes respected buy all 60/40 #R/#loyaltyoverroyalty#💯#sp

Happy bday Big bro enjoy your day #big31

Just Live In The Moment And Laugh After #💯#R/#60/40

What happened in the dark stays in the dark #💯#R/

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