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Valentin  like to dance. I love to help. @dancewithmeusa

My camera notes to our brilliant director Phil this week.. #DWTS

My dear friend @blaircaldwell invited me to help celebrate his birthday in the best way possible... by giving back to our community, specifically those in our community that can use a little help, a little love.
The Love Project, is an initiative organized by Blair and his friends from church that gave food to the homeless in DTLA by skid row. Being part of it in my own little way was such a fulfilling experience. Dance has become my vehicle to help people, and I will use it every chance I get. Hope this video can put a smile on your face today and encourage you to use your ‘vehicle’ to spread love to those that can use it. What’s your vehicle? Let me know below... and send some special love to my friend @blaircaldwell for being a kind and thoughtful young leader that he is.

Very rare throwback... our little ballroom dance school (Rising Stars Dance Academy) from Saddle Brook, New Jersey would take a coach bus every year to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio Star Ball (North American Championships) at which this little dance school would be notorious for the loudest most dynamic cheering section. We would win most, lose some, but we always left an impression. Not always a good one, not always bad either, but one of intense unity! One for all and all for one was always the mantra in this dynamic sometimes dysfunctional family. Those hour long bus rides, even though weren’t always comfortable brought us all together. The parents upfront raising glasses talking bout “back in the day” and how grateful they are for this day, today. Chasing the sentiment with caviar and mamas chicken cutlets. Kids in the back playing spades, Rock Paper Scissors, arguing, testing each others wit constantly, engaging in every possible form of competition possible to pass the time. As mostly Hiphop music blared through the speakers, barely eclipsing the complaints of the disgruntled parents confused about “how’s this music,” we were a family. A team. On our way to what at the time seemed like the most important event in our lives. And we damn sure treated it as so. The truth is only hindsight can show you how insignificant something is in the long run, but then again it’s that same hindsight that looks at this picture and understands that memories like these shaped us into the people we are today.
#tbt #risingstars

Lots of inexcusable behavior in this video... @nancymckeonofficial @dancingabc #DWTS tune in September 24th for the premier!!

Appreciation is key...
Appreciation for life. For the opportunity to learn. For the opportunity to connect and rely on. Mutual respect and appreciation are the pillars to any successful partnership.
I appreciate the opportunity @dancingabc has yet again placed in my hands, and I can not wait to make this an experience of a lifetime for my incredible partner, teammate, and already... my dear friend.
I got your back @nancymckeonofficial and as it is quite evident in the above picture (as well as on many occasions not pictured) I know you have mine.
As much as I love to teach guide mentor etc a lot of my fulfillment lies in my own desire to learn and be a student. When I’m not learning my spirit is slowly decaying and I feel it. Yet another reason I’m already so grateful for this season yet another journey... because I’ve already learned so much from the wisdom that you share with me daily.
To an amazing ride my friend 🙌🏼 #DWTS
Yes that’s a black sequin blazer living it’s best life.

Honored and excited to be a part of Season 27 of @dancingabc with @nancymckeonofficial 🙌🏼
Seeing my beautiful partner grow as a dancer has already been so rewarding, and it’s only been a week. Can’t wait for the world to see all the hard work come together September 24th. #DWTS #ABC

Salute to the great City of New York! Seventeen years ago I watched my city go through one of the most devastating moments in its history. I will never forget. But it isn’t the rubble or debris I’ll never forget. It isn’t necessarily the beauty of the skyline that was now forever changed or the massive scale of the attack that took place. I’ll never forget this day because of all the men and women in uniform that jumped into action. The folks that were there staring at the same petrifying sight the entire world was but without any hesitation chose to run right towards it. Towards the chaos and ultimately...
I’ll never forget because this day showed me what the human spirit is truly capable of. For better and for worse. The fact that we are capable of destruction on such a massive scale yet in the same breath we are capable of loving and caring to such a degree that total strangers we’re willing to give up their lives and be there for their fellow human. The men and women that were police officers, firefighters, first responders, regular folk that jumped into action... YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, you are my superheroes and I will always remember, celebrate, and admire you. Thank you a million times for your sacrifice and the example that you set for us all. #nyc #911

I’ll just put this here. This man went viral a few days ago because a picture of him surfaced working the register at a Trader Joe’s in Jersey. I don’t know him personally all I know of him is that he was/is an actor (previously on a huge project many years ago) and now he was working at a Trader Joe’s in Jersey.
Life’s a journey and along the way there will be many highs and many lows. One of the things I admire most about my parents for instance is that after getting two diplomas in engineering and setting up an awesome life for themselves in Ukraine, they dropped everything, moved to America for their kids, and started over. Starting over meant seeing my father boxing pizzas and cleaning dishes and my mom folding other peoples laundry at a local laundromat. When I replay those images in my head those are the exact reasons why I admire my parents so very much today. Hard work is hard work. My dad always told me how you do anything is how you’ll do everything. Be honest and work your tail off, always. Years later our lives have changed but that spirit will never go away, not now when things are slightly better and not tomorrow when life might not be smiling as bright in our direction.
Again I don’t know this man personally, but as a society I am proud that for once what started out as cyberbullying and complete invasion of privacy turned into a campaign of support and praise. All the best to you sir, and may life smile a little brighter may the earth be a little softer for you to walk on Mr. Owens.

After 25 years of being on stage in some form or another you start to realize that the most satisfying thing about mastering something is the opportunity to pass the knowledge and the spotlight forward to the next ones in line. Share the magic with the ones near you. It's nice to see some of the people that made our previous shows so special taking the lead in choreographing, directing, and performing. The team on this project is extremely talented and if you can go get your tickets to this show. You're going to love it!
Inspired, produced, and performed by our @dancewithmeusa family!!!
Get your tickets by clicking the link in my bio!

Sofia Chmerkovskaya
Born April 17th 1934 in Odessa, Ukraine. WWII began in ‘41, and her family was deeply effected. She survived. Went to school, finished as an engeneer, fell in love with and married Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Together they had one child, Aleksandr. Two time widower she was a pivotal force in helping her son and his family immigrate to the United States in 1994. We pled refuge and we found it in Brooklyn, NY. A place she hasn’t left in 24 years still calling East New York, Brooklyn her home. I fiery personality, on and off the dance floor, Sofia is a force to be reckoned with on the parquet. No partner necessary, but always welcomed. A patriot, Sofia is a proud American and takes a lot of pride in having learned the language of her adopted country as best as she could at her age. Residing in a small apartment on Pennsylvania Ave and Flatlands, the walls of which are covered with pictures of her beloved two grandsons Maksim and Valentin. As life begins to catch up with her Sofia reflects, “Make sure you find love in your life. Cause you will always be able to find purpose in love.”
Babulya moya lyubimoya

*This will be my week one wardrobe (one on the left)

outtakes... miss my lil mischief ♥️🐻

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