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tove lo ✱♪  i'm savannah/candi (whatever you know me by) and i like tove lo and a bunch of other people twitter / @halseyxlilac tove noticed x4

whattttt???? this mascara is the B E S T!! and it’s only $8???? talk about a STEAL of a D E A L!!! (i revieved this product free from @influenster, but all opinions are my own!!) #wthmascara #complimentary @nyxcosmetics @influenster

i am freaking in love with my korres face mask!! everyone needs to run to their local sephora and purchase one!! (i recieved this product free from @influenster for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own!) #PomMaskInfluenster #contest #complimentary @Influenster @KORRES.Skincare

just thought i'd let everyone know these are the messages i get 😂😂 i'll be back and posting soon i promise!

i am currently running on 5 1/2 hours of sleep, but that is beside the point. a year ago today was the 2nd time i was noticed by @tovelo. it was in a q+a video she did with @vevo_uk. i remember working on some school stuff and stopping to watch this video. when my twitter user came up, (my twitter user now is halseyxlilac if u want to follow me) i was beyond excited. last year was one of the worst years of my life. i was very sick and had a ton of other problems going on. tove was one of the reasons i was able to get through last year. if i was having a bad day, i would watch one of her interviews. her tweets always would brighten my day, and her music spoke volumes to me. she has been such a strong influence for this last year and a half, and i couldn't thank her more for that. ps - facts coming in june. trying to finish school rn!!

i know this is pretty known now but i'd just thought id share it in case u didnt know.
holy shit, im starting facts again!! ive missed these so much and im so excited to start these up again 🙂
and... can we talk about what a pro tove is at snapchat for just getting one? she's insanely good!!

i feel like ive really abandoned this account. i used to spend days researching facts and stuff and be so excited to post them and to discuss them with all of you!! i really miss talking with everyone about them!! please let me know if you want me to start them again 💜 and TYSM FOR 3K!! i never thought i'd get this far in a year and a half!!

i watched the last hunger games movie last night and i've been sad all day 😭💜

i just finished a very difficult week of school and i'm getting sick 🙄

today is my last (technically) day of spring break and i feel like i did nothing

i'm almost to 3k whatttt

my response to everything this week is "why am i not dead"

i got a new phone on wed and lost all the photos i edited for this account so i had to edit new ones 🙄

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