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Chapter 16: "Who the hell was that?" Grace said. I was pretty sure none of us knew, but then Steven spoke up. "Hecate, again. I used my powers and I sensed Hecate." I looked at the little owl in my hand. A symbol of my mother. He must've been given the power by his father. But why would Apollo choose him for that great of a power. I knew Steven wasn't telling us something. I was about to ask what he was hiding when Alyssia spoke for the first time in hours. "How can you sense through the mist?" Steven had tears in his eyes. "Well.... Im Apollo's miracle child basically. I was... three months premature. The doctor said I would've been dead if it wasn't for my father. And now your probably wondering how he knew who my dad was. The doctor was a monster. I don't know what it was, I couldn't open my eyes. But I heard the screams. The growls. The shrieks. Then I heard my mothers last breath.... I would've been dead if my dad wouldn't have picked me up from that hospital. He dropped me off at some orphanage. But I ran away when I was 7. And eventually they found me. The monsters of course. That's when I found out about my power. I could tell something was behind me, and I knew what it was. But when I turned around.....i didnt see anything. So that's why I never take my father for granted. Out of all his kids lives, he saved mine. But id never actually seen him before. When he picked me up, I just knew it was him holding me in his arms. I knew that this was my father. The one that saved my life."

Chapter 15: Grace handed me her present first. It was a small box wrapped beautifully in yellow and purple wrapping paper with a golden ribbon. My favorite colors. It looked so elegant thts I didnt want toopen it, but Grace was getting impatient. I teared the paper lightly and took out a small silver box. Inside was a solid gold keychain with a golden olive at the bottom. Engraved in beautiful handwriting was the number 16. I gasped. "Oh my gosh Grace! This is beautiful! How much did this cost you!?" She shrugged like it was no big deal."Hephaestus cabin made it for me." She said lightly. I loved it so much that I clipped it to my owl bracelet. Next was Alyssia's present. It was in a small silver case. Inside the case was two bracelets. One had an owl with my name on it. One had a dove with Alyssia's name on it. They were friendship bracelets. I didnt know what to say so I just gave her a giant hug. Last was Steven's, which I couldn't wait to see. Every year for my birthday he gave me amazing presents. This year had to be the best. It was a celestial bronze owl necklace, but it was so intricate and had so much detail, it looked real. I was about to put it on when Steven said "Wait!" I was confused. Steven took the bracelet and hung it on a nearby tree branch. " Πετάξτε" he said. I knew what that meant. It was Greek for fly. The little owl spread its wings and flew into my palm. "This is unbelievable!! I absolutely love it! And I love-" I was cut off by Grace rolling her eyes and Alyssia looking shocked. I turned around to see Chiron in an Iris message. I was scared. Chiron doesn't send demigods Iris messages unless its for something very important. Chiron looked at us. "Hello. Ive come to let you know your quest needs to take a little..... uh..... detour. There are two young demigods very important to your quest that you need to find. Bye bye now." We were all very confused now. But I think all of us knew, that that wasn't really Chiron.

Chpater 14: "Who am I?" the boy said. "Destiny, please say your joking." Everyone was staring at me now. "Who are you? How'd u know my name?" I was really freaked out. They all glanced at each other nervously. "What's your name?" I asked the guy. "Steven." He said. "What's yours?" I looked at him like he was he was crazy. "Destiny Richards." I said. He nodded like he was approving. "Ok. What are you?" Steven asked. What kinda question was that? "Uh, human." I said. "No. You're a demigod. Were your friends." He glanced at the the mean looking girl. "Almost all of us are at least." The girl rolled her eyes. "You're a demigod." I was very confused. "A demi-huh?" Now the guy looked like he was a out to cry. Did I do something wrong? The mean looking girl in the back spoke up. "A demigod. Half mortal, half Greek god or goddess. My dad is Ares." Now I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, sure, and my mom is Athena." Now the girl in the back had waterfalls pouring out of her eyes. The guy stared into my eyes. His eyes were the prettiest shade of blue you could ever see. Oh my gosh. All the memories were coming back to me. Steven. Grace. Alyssia. Camp Half Blood. My mom. Why I ran away. I turned pale. My head was pounding. I think I passed out for half a second. "Oh my god. Destiny are you ok?" Steven asked. I cant believe I forgot about my boyfriend. And my best friend. And my home. "Yeah. Im fine." They all looked relieved. "Well, I guess we should give her our presents now." Alyssia said. "Presents?" I asked. They all brought out little wrapped packages from their packs. "Yeah. Its your birthday!" Alyssia said. How on Earth did I forget my 16th birthday?!?!?

Chapter 13: After about 10 minutes of driving, Steven started breathing heavy. "Are you ok?" I asked him. He looked out the window. "There is an invisible Lastrygorian Giant like a foot away." Steven said. Sure enough, a big punch came out of nowhere and hit the driver's seat. "ARGUS!!" Alyssia screamed. We were about to go check in him, wbhen Steven said, "Guys, we have bigger problems. Hes cos cuteming back. Get out of the car! NOW!" We all scrambled out. Just as I was closing the door. I na faint whisper. "Good luck with your journey my friends." It was Argus. I felt bad that we couldn't save him. But he was a monster. He would be back. The giant was now visible. He was big and bulky with a military buzz cut, which made him look a bit intimidating. I shook the owl braceleton my wrist and a celestial bronze sword with an owl on it appeared in my hands. A gift from my mother. All of our weapons were at the ready. I had my sword. Steven had his knife. Grace had her spear. Alyssia had her pink bow and arrow. The giant charged at us. We all slashed and hacked, but the giant was huge. We needed a distraction. Steven tried to get the giant's attention while us three girls would getvat him from behind. Steven started insulting the giant and naming weird faces, when suddenly I saw the giants keg go up, and Steven flying into the air. "STEVEN!!" I cried. I pressed the owl on my sword and it turned back into a bracelet I ran for Steven. I knelt next to him, but turning my back to the giant was a big mistake. It gave him just enough time to knock me out with a shield...... Hours later, I woke up. My knee felt sprained. I had a huge gash on my arm. But worst of all, my head was throbbing so hard it felt like bombs were exploding in there. I heard a girl crying. I opened my eyes. Sitting next to me, holding my hand, was a shirtless guy my age. Ill admit it he was cute. Especially with no shirt. "Oh my gosh. Destiny, are you ok?" the guy asked. I had so many questions, but my throat hurt. All I managed to get out was, "Who are you?"

Chapter 12: "What are you waiting for?" Steven asked. I flipped around. I couldn't tell them we were going to the Underworld now. Could I? I decided to wait until we got to Manhattan. Once I got into the van, Argus just turned around to see if we were ready. He had a hundred blue eyes all over his body, and we suspected he never spoke because he had one on his tongue. "We're ready." Alyssia tried to say it confidently but I could tell she was a bit nervous. Argus nodded, then stepped on he gas pedal. "I don't even wanna be on this stupid quest." Trace muttered. I was going to say something, but I decided we were already under alot of stress. I was a bit tired, so I leaned on Steven's shoulder and we held hands. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Grace glare at me. I knew a secret about Grace that no one else knew. Believe it or not, when we were little, Grace and I were best friends. We told each other everything and hung out all the time. Grace had told me that she had a crush on Steven. I thought she was crazy, 'cause I didn't like boys back then. About a year later, I realized I was kinda starting to like him to, but she was jealous of me that Steven tried to flirt with me. That same year, Alyssia came, and I started hanging out with her more. Grace hated me for that. I tried to apologize, but Ares kids don't forgive very well. So, I guess that's where the road turned. And we never really talked again.

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