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i was probably contemplating whether or not i should put a house under contract. deal closers only.

“Whether I retire to bed early or late, I rise with the sun” - Thomas Jefferson

Well, I cannot thank my volunteers, family, donors, and those who believed in me enough. Even though I lost, I still have the most respectful, kind friends and family. I will not dwell on this, but learn from it. I have had numerous people come up and say sorry, well, I thank you but it's not a situation to cry on. I will keep on inspiring others to do more, be more, and succeed more. Countless hours were spent by over 20 selfless, dedicated members, advisers, and administrators of Gretna FBLA. So, do not feel bad for me, this is a learning experience and I KNOW that nothing but the best will come from now on. You must earn your success and DJ did. Those who have revolutionized the world didn't listen to all of the hype of what they could be, they muted the hype and hustled while others went to parties. After countless photos with people saddened that I did not get in, I began to realize that this loss is just a little roadblock. So, FBLA members, you can be sure to see me at the top and I expect to see you there, too. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have. I encourage everyone to work on a farm and become an entrepreneur to establish an impeccable work ethic. Don't fall into the mediocre 9-5. Instead, become an entrepreneur and revolutionize the world. Make a promise now to your future spouse and children you WILL do whatever it takes to be successful in family and business. So, I beg of you to make that promise and dedicate yourself to better your future and others. Revolutionize the world, ladies and gentlemen. I know you all have successful futures ahead of yourselves and will only profit off of mistakes.

No comment needed. @realdonaldtrump

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