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SIKA  Proud Wife to @ashley.noxolo Event Coordinator - Music Artist - Writer A SEEKer & Chakra Healer #ProtectYoAura #AudienceControlJxn

"When you see me in joggers lookin like idgaf, that's bc I dressed me. When you see me in clothes, thank my wife, she's 100% responsible." Photographer: @soulrific1

Aura • The essence that covers a being, the beings spirit and the beings soul (Why not #ProtectYourAura? because the word 'your' implies politeness. Usage of 'yo' implies and emphasizes the importance of ownership and frankly, I ain't being polite about mine..) Photocred: @bigprettypictures

#ProtectYoAura #SIKAtheSEEKER #Chakras

Thoroughly enjoyed the #ManyMoons festivities of @jxnindiemusic last night @clubunderground119 and while mingling with the crowd, I stepped away to do a small talk and @house0fmorris asked, "What does 'PROTECT YO AURA,' mean to you? Because I wear my pen, faithfully." I'm not gonna share my response, you will have to tune in to the podcast for that answer. But, I will say, AURA to me, means THE TEMPLE and SIKA is a sacred being residing in THE TEMPLE. Whether in the temple or not, the aura follows me wherever I go and it can not be pierced unless I allow it to be.

Want one of these pins? They are available for purchase. And yes, this is my mantra and slogan, for my life. Might not work for you, but it damn sho work for me. #ProtectYoAura

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P.S. My sisterhood is LIT 👆 (quoted by @amandafurdge approximately a year ago) and all the talented that graced the stage last night, I say, THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFTS!

OH AND FINALLY MET @1stday_fresh .. It was a pleasure KING, until we meet again!

#ProtectYoAura #SIKAtheSEEKER #Chakras

Thank you, 2017, for blessing me with my Queen! We ready for you, 2018! #TheNoxolos


There is no speech to be made. To be frank, we talk too much. So here's to protecting our AURA in 2018, self-care, self-love, privacy, wealth, health, completion, creation, peace, love, blessings, and Prosperity. And remember... In order to #ProtectYoAura, you simply gotta KEEP THAT SHIT TO YOSELF until time permits, other than that, let's commit to not revealing shit before it's even completed, we be fucking ourselves up with premature announcing for attention #CutItOutIn2018 #DoMore #DoBetter #BeMore #BeBetter #NoTimeToWaste
Photocred: #SneakerboxxPhotography @sneakerboxx_x_us

#ProtectYoAura #SIKAtheSEEKER #Chakras

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